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best game in the world

One October night in 1987 (Twins vs. Cardinals Game 1)

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This is my first attempt at a blog entry. Thanks Twins Daily community. And yes this is a true story.

It was a wonderful evening in 1987, my best friend Mark and I had been wondering the streets of Minneapolis for hours, there were hundreds of folks seemingly in the same situation as ours. We saw signs, people dressed in costumes, yelling catchy and witty lines to everyone they passed. Mark and I talked of Hrbek launching another miracle homerun in the 9th. Seeing Bert close down the Royals at the dome on that magical Sunday. All tolled we had made over 40 games that season, what a fantastic night. We dodged cars, ticked off crossing guards, I suppose we could have walked 10 miles, the entire season was recounted. Beating the Tigers and talking our parents into letting us go to congratulate our heros at the Dome with fifty thousand of our closest friends... The game was about to start and it was time to call my Mom and have her come and pick us up, still no tickets. We were making our way to the Twins ticket office area to use the pay phone. " You boys need tickets?" a man dressed in a suit asked. No sooner had he asked, at least 10 people swarmed around him. He told all the other folks to get lost, and asked again "You boys need tickets right?" I mumbled something and he understood it to be a yes. He hands 2 tickets to us, section 114. Mark asks "how much"? The man looks puzzled, pauses and says it "dosen't matter" and disappears in the crowd.

That man, Bob Allison.
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  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    That is a great story. Thank you for sharing it. I look forward to the next one.
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