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Adam Brett Walker Kernels Highlights - Must See TV

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I just saw a youtube highlight video of Adam Brett Walker with the Kernels. The first short clip is an advertisement for the Kernels (be patient) and then there are 27 or 29 short highlight clips (15 - 30 seconds each) from just the Kernels home games in CR.

He truly does have incredible power. Each HR must have been over 400 feet. Must see TV.

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  1. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Good article by Conor Glassey. Good stuff
  2. amjgt's Avatar
    May 14 was a BOMB - Cleared the (tall) batters eye in dead center
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by amjgt
    May 14 was a BOMB - Cleared the (tall) batters eye in dead center
    It really was a Bomb, but I thought the HR on July 15th in which the LF never moved was possibly even longer. Even if it wasn't - I thought it hilarious how the entire defense never took one step during the entire play. He then hit another HR in that game in which the ball is seen being run over by a car as it hits the street 50 feet outside the stadium.

    Effortless swing on Fastballs - Curveballs - Sliders - Yet Powerful
  4. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I'm curious as to what the Twins Daily Writers think of the highlight Homeruns? Mistake Hitter or Talent?
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