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A Nice Week in Fort Myers

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I have been in Fort Myers since last Tuesday. I have seen four Twins games and a large amount of minor league games plus a full allotment of drills and BP. Today was the first day when the weather was subpar, and coming from the frozen north, the sunshine and warmth were much appreciated.

The major league talent held few surprises. The Twins will field a team of position players who, as a group, are weak-hitting, lack power and speed, and aren't that good defensively. The pitching staff would be classed as "hittable" and lacking in power arms. Sure there is hope, but in order for the game to contend, they'll have to roll a lot of sevens.

On the minor league side, there is a lot of exciting talent in addition to top prospects Buxton and Sano. There is a multitude of hard-throwing pitchers. There are several big strong hitters like D. Hicks, Vargas and Walker and a lot of speed. Watching Danny Santana run out a triple today was exciting. Better days are ahead for the Twins.

I met two members of the Twins Daily community. "Madre Dos" is the house mother for many of the Latino E-Town Twins. She provided my brother and I with some perspective of what those young men go through. I think every baseball fan should hear her stories and better understand the challenges these young men face in rookie ball. I also met moderator Chi-Town Twins Fan. Chi-Town and I are from the same area and roughly of the same generation, so it was good to compare notes.

My brother and I will check out the minor leaguers tomorrow before we head back. He's the big guy with a scooter. We would enjoy meeting a couple more TD regulars and I know Halsey and Thrylos were near us today. Maybe you guys can convince me you're right about who to keep on the 25-man roster!


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