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In most science fiction shows I have seen, somebody is in stasis (I hope I spelled it right and I am using it correctly). That means that the person or creature in question is in an unchanged state as time goes by.

It is my opinion that the Twins basically spent 2013 in stasis. I expected at the start of 2013 the Twins would move some veterans, find out about some prospective regulars and start in the development of a starting rotation. None of that happened. almost all of what was unsettled going into the season is still unsettled.

Ryan Doumit and Josh Willingham are still Twins and Morneau was on the team until September 1. The Twins have no more answers about their starting rotation than they did a year ago. Further, almost no positions have a regular. We Twins fans still have Chris Parmelee competing for a starting position and Trevor Plouffe as the nominal regular at third base. We don't know for sure if Joe Mauer will be the primary catcher, and we aren't sure who will start at any of the outfield spots.

The aforementioned Plouffe and Parmelee are bigger question marks going into 2014 than they were heading into this year, along with Scott Diamond, Vance Worley, and probably Kyle Gibson. The team lost 90+ games again and really didn't move forward at all. Exactly one starting pitcher is guaranteed to be in the rotation next year and exactly one position player established himself as a major league regular. I find those results totally unacceptable for a rebuilding team. It makes 2014 a virtual certainty to be another losing season and has delayed the needed roster turnover until the coming season.

I expected improvement this past season, whether or not it was reflected in the won/loss record. Instead we saw stasis.


  1. jokin's Avatar
    Well-stated. As the old saying goes, when you're not moving ahead, you're falling behind.

    It's wearying to see miserable teams like the Marlins and White Sox match up with the Twins and appear to provide far more hope for the future. Other than Dozier establishing himself and Pinto giving a good September showing, there is little else that the Twins demonstrated that suggested a rebuilding team taking steps leading to anything that could be construed as "improvement".
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Sadly true.
    I hope that this year appears to have more going for it than 'our minor league players are a year older', which is most of what 2013 gave us.

    It may be true that Morneau, Willingham and Doumit would have all been moved had they been performing better. And if ifs and buts were candy and nuts....

    I really want the 2014 season to be a clear step forward. If that starts before 2013 draws to a close, all the better.
  3. ND-Fan's Avatar
    Your right about no improvement with this team. The prospects you so thought would be here are just not ready and my guess most of them won't be with this team next spring either. Yes we have good group of players coming but Twins have sold everyone the cavalry is just around the corner. The fact is they are probably not going to make significant impact until late 2015 and then starting in 2016 season. Also we may still not have pitching rotation yet solved yet either. That's why I think its important that Twins start signing some free agent pitching now to get quality pitching. Quality pitching signings require multi year deals and they are signed now will help this team now as well be foundation for this next wave players coming but will be ending soon enough allow young pitching talent place on team in the future. Also the Twins need to look for a shortstop through a trade that's in high minors from another team that has high potential to play at the major league at that position. This has been problem for the Twins going on for over a decade a quality starting shortstop or they need to spend some money on young free agent shortstop but that rarely ever happens top of line free agent shortstop available.
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