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Red Sox thankful to not have to chase players like Santana or Nolasco

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I personally don't think the Twins should chase 30+ yr old pitchers. Only exception to 'add an arm' is when you're contending and one piece could make the difference.

Here's an article found on a Boston Red Sox forum. Thought it was interesting they, who have little to no need for pitching (they did chase on Ryan Dempster though - which didn't turn out very well) and tried to get a few games out of Jake Peavy (in season trade).

Lackey was a signing, ironically, at age 30.

So...maybe not something the Red Sox don't do, but something this fan/writer is at least glad they don't have to play that Russian roulette again this year.

Per Over the Monster,

"The Red Sox thankfully don't need to invest in a Santana or Nolasco, because they've set themselves up to avoid that very thing."

The Red Sox have multiple pitching prospects who could turn out to be mid-rotation arms, if not better. Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo, and Allen Webster are all at Triple-A, and all fit this criteria as top-100 prospects. Henry Owens could very well be the best of the bunch, and he's at Double-A. Even if they don't all pan out, the Red Sox won't need all four to reach their ceiling, at least not right away: Clay Buchholz is under contract through 2016, Felix Doubront hasn't even reached arbitration yet, and John Lackey has two more years left on his long-term deal.

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  1. old nurse's Avatar
    In general you do not chase free agents to be the core of your team. When you need one to plug a hole you have 2 options. Less of a player for a shorter contract or more of a player with potentially downside at the end of the contract.
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Old Nurse - I usually agree with you. However...
    I think you have could have a different attitude when you have maybe two starting pitchers you can hope to see in the next 3 years or so (Meyer & Gibson), an expiring contract for your staff Ace (Correia), and you are $40 million under the '52% of revenue' guideline you set for yourself.

    This team needs pitching, and internal options are too far away to wait around for.
    Or we can just be the Twins of 1993-2000.
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