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Scott Boras: Jacoby Ellsbury & The State of MLB Free Agency

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Jacoby Ellsbury, healthy only 2 of the past 4 seasons, and his agent Scott Boras are prowling the streets of the free agent market with the notion that Carl Crawford's $142M contract is well, "an old contract."

Ellsbury who has a career AVG/OBP/SLG .297/.350/.439, a single GG, one season where he hit over 10 home runs, missed two of his last four seasons with injuries, he's 30 years old, and his agent believes he should get upwards of 7 yrs $180M.

Scott Boras goes on...

And what makes Crawford's deal an "old contract," given that it was signed just three years ago?
"Because the revenues have changed, the markets have changed," Boras said. "I think if markets had gone down, you'd probably be looking at something different, but the markets go up.
1. Is there new money available that wasn't previously? (TV deals?)
2. Wouldn't Sin-Soo Choo be the cheaper AND the better deal? He's almost the same age (31), likely cheaper, has more power, and has a better a better Bill Jamesian (AVG/OBP/SLG) of .288/.389/.465.
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  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    Everyone ends up getting what they deserve in the end, especially the owners who are sucked into outlandish payments.
  2. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    There is new money available. Teams will get an extra $25mil or so from league media contract. So yes, new money is available. I also think there's new thinking. Teams are looking at long term deals differently after seeing some of them go sour quickly (Albert Pujols anyone?). Better to pay more now than to stretch out those years. That being said, you only have to convince one front office to pull the trigger. If there's a couple teams in the bidding war, things could get out of hand with the length of the contract.

    I like Choo better. He's (not so) sneaky good. The drawback is that he's better suited for a corner spot (RF) than center. Both players will cost a draft-pick. Neither should be an option for the Twins
  3. old nurse's Avatar
    Boras will do everything and anything in his power to get his clients the most money and years. I would expect him to want a mega long mega rich contract. Again, all it takes is one GM to say yes. I don't think it will happen. 4 years at most.
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