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Why the ignorance on Deduno?

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I read post after post about the projected rotation for Twins in 2014, many exclude Deduno entirely or at least have him at number 4. Cmon folks, quit listening to the experts, trust your eyes, Deduno has GREAT stuff, don't believe it, ask Gardy...

Any other pitcher who didn't pitch like Deduno, would be praised and hailed as savior of Twins pitching, but because his style is o unorthodox, he is like a fastballing knuckleballer.....we (twins nation) have to rely on other peoples opinions to assess him. Forget them, Deduno is a very good pitcher, however the last two years he has faded at about the same time...both because of INJURY....

I feel similarly about Pelfrey....I know his record, but for a guy just coming off Tommy John he was really quite qood..in fact I have him next year at top of Rotation excepting signing of free agent...

here is my rotation...
Free Agent
Free Agent

Last word on Deduno is this, the World Champion Dominican Republic....chose him as their ace...why, because he was their best pitcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. orangevening's Avatar
    Ummm, maybe because he is 30 and hasn't a consistently good year - or even a consistently goodhalf year. Don't get me wrong I like and pull for the guy (how can you not), but even as desperate the Twins are for starting pitching they are not counting on Deduno.
  2. zchrz's Avatar
    I am fine with Deduno as the 5th starter if he wins the spot, in fact I like a 5th starter that is a little more of a gamble not just the pitch to contact "reliable" 4.5 era guy. Deduno has some nasty stuff when hes on but he has little control of it and when hes off its ugly. I was not a fan of Big Pelf I hope they don't bring him back, erratic control on a sinker baller is a bad trait. He has mediocre at best secondary stuff and while his sinker has velocity and good movement he has little ability to control it. Also maybe more of a pet peeve for myself but he pitches at an extremely slow pace which does not help his mechanics get repeated or keep his defense on its toes for when he finally lays a sinker over the middle on a 3-2 count 7 pitches into the at bat.
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