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Twins Top 65 Prospects (11-20)

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I am continuing my countdown of the top 65 (now 66) prospects in the Twins system. Newly acquired Sean Gilmartin makes an appearance. This is not for effect, this really is where I think he belongs on the Twins prospect list.

(new) 21. Sean Gilmartin, LHS, DOB: 5-8-90

2013 Rk/A/AAA (AAA statistics): 91 innings pitched, 5.74 ERA, 65 strikeouts/33 walks (7.0/2.3 career K/BB)

Gilmartin was acquired in a trade for Ryan Doumit, and it is another successful move by Terry Ryan in this offseason. Gilmartin is a lefty who doesn't strike out a ton of guys but has fairly good control. He has been very successful in AA but struggled in AAA. There is zero reason to write him off as he turns 24 next May. Given the number of pitchers the Twins now have at the top of the system, I would expect him to start the season at AA for a bit.

20. Zach Jones, RHR, DOB: 12-4-90
2013 A+: 48.2, 1.85, 70/28 (13.6/5.1)

Jones earned a trip to the Arizona Fall League, and--even though it was a mess--this shows how highly the Twins value him. Jones strikes out a ton but also walks an awful lot. This will have to be rectified in AA in 2014.

19. Dalton Hicks, 1B, LH, DOB: 4/2/90

2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 576 plate appearances, .289/.358/.468 (.826) (.824 career), 39-0-17 doubles/triple/homers, 56-123 walks-strikeouts, 0-2 stolen bases-times caught stealing

Hicks earned a promotion well into 2013 and did fairly well after the move. His 56 extra base hits are impressive and hopefully he can work on improving his BB/K rate with a return trip to Fort Myers to start 2014. I would expect Hicks to earn a promotion for the second year in a row at some point during the season. He is a solid all-around prospect who could soon make us forget about Chris Parmelee.

18. Michael Tonkin, RHR, DOB: 11/19/89
2013 AA/AAA/MIN (AA/AAA stats): 57, 3.47, 66/16 (9.2/2.4)

Tonkin had some very limited time with the Twins this year and is definitely the frontrunner to join the Twins 'pen out of the gate next year in 2014. I would hope that the Twins try to trade off some relievers as soon as the market for them begins to sour in the offseason. Tonkin throws heat and could be an effective setup man.

17. Kennys Vargas, 1B, SH, DOB: 8/2/90
2013 A+: 520, .267/.344/.468 (.813) (.861), 33-1-19, 50-105, 0-0

Vargas felt the effects of fatigue in his first season with more than 191 plate appearances. The power is there but dropped off considerably in the second half of the season. This is really not something to be too concerned about. Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario also left him for New Britain, so he lost some help in the lineup. He just turned 23, so the majority of his age-24 season will be in AA. 2014 might be telling for Vargas' future in the organization.

16. Danny Santana, SS/2B, SH, DOB: 11/7/90
2013 AA: 587, .297/.333/.386 (.719) (.712), 22/10/2, 24-94, 30-13

Santana is still mistake-prone at shortstop but the Twins seem set on keeping him there. He went through some natural growing pains in 2013, but had quite similar numbers to his 2012 season in Fort Myers. The power is not there, but the stolen base total is climbing. Santana should begin 2014 in AA, though with Eddie Rosario's status for the beginning of the year in doubt, Santana might find himself alongside James Beresford and Jason Bartlett in Rochester.

15. Lewis Thorpe, LHS, DOB: 11-23-95
2013 GCL: 44, 2.05, 64/6 (13.1/1.2)

Dominating the GCL like this is nothing all that new, even for Twins pitching prospects. Thorpe, however, turned 18 last month. 2013's dominance came for him at age 17, which is a lot different than a pitcher putting up these numbers at age 19. It will be interesting to see what the do with Thorpe for the season, but I would imagine starting in EST and then spending the entire season building innings in Elizabethon. Thorpe could really push the envelope, but it is probably not realistic to expect any ETA before September 2017 at the earliest.

14. Jorge Felix, RHS, DOB: 1/2/94
2013 ELZ: 61, 2.95, 72/18 (9.9/2.9)

The name is Jorge Felix, not vice versa, so we need to start getting that right. Felix has stormed his way through rookie ball and is set on getting 90 or so innings in A ball in 2014. He has great stuff and great pitches. A full season is the first real test for a pitching prospect, but I am pretty confident in Felix's ability to dominate. He will be 20 on opening day and good find himself starting 2015 in New Britain at age 21.

13. Adam Walker, RF, RH, DOB: 10/18/91
2013 A: 553, .278/.319/.526 (.844, .832), 31-7-27, 31-115, 10-0

It's embarrassing that Walker wasn't promoted to Fort Myers by mid-July in 2013. The Twins organization and plenty of people at Twins Daily get bent out of shape regarding strikeouts. The power is there and his defense is solid. Walker is also athletic enough to manage 7 triples and maintain his perfect SB%. There's an awful lot to like here and I would have really liked to have seen him get a taste of Fort Myers in 2013. Better pitching is going to force him to adjust and this can be dealt with in season. Anyway, 2014 is going to be vital for Walker to prove himself and move into the top 10 here.

12. Travis Harrison, 3B, RH, DOB: 10/17/92
2013 A: 537 plate appearances, .253/.366/.416 (.782/.802), 28 doubles, 0 triples, 15 homers, 68 walks, 125 strikeouts, 2 steals, 4 times caught stealing

Harrison survived his first full season of professional ball and still maintained impressive offensive numbers. His defense is still very much a work in progress. His power seems to be starting to arrive and he can draw walks. The strikeouts really shouldn't be all that alarming for right now. Harrison at 3B, 1B, and corner OF is pretty much blocked, so the Twins may look to trade Harrison after another solid year, especially if he improves.

11. Trevor May, RHS, DOB: 9-23-89

2013 AA: 151.2, 4.51, 159/67 (10.7/4.6)

May went to the Arizona Fall League to get more innings and build off a season of incremental improvement in his second year in the Eastern League. The ERA is still high as he cannot get his WHIP under control. That said, he did strike out a few more and walked a few less. Really, the Twins should be happy with this performance because at the least it looks like May will be consistent and maybe be able to provide some low-4.00 ERAs with some improvement. Getting a 4th starter out of the Revere deal is good, even if it took a bit to get there. I have to think that May starts 2014 in AAA and is going to be due for a 2014 arrival with the Twins at some point around mid-season. Things have changed somewhat with the signings of Nolasco and Hughes, as well as the idiotic re-signing of Mike Pelfrey, but May will get a look at some point in 2014.
The next installment will countdown the top 10 prospects in the Twins system.
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