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Minor League Bargaining Chips

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Assuming Sano and Buxton are off the table, and with Rasario in the penalty box, has anyone offered say a list of our top 5 prospects as viable trade chips?
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  1. DocBauer's Avatar
    I would add Meyer to the list.

    If the right deal is there, I'd say anyone else has to be made available.

    However, I am also on record stating that unless there is the right fit, especially a quality, front line caliber SP that we can have control of, or sign long-term, I am actually against any trades involving top talent at this time. I'd mch rather hold to the depth of young talent we have, focus on what we have at the ML level, work the FA market as we have been doing to supplement, and see what tomorrow brings. I believe any tradeable assets will only increase in value, and let us make a move or two during the season, or next off-season.
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