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What Do Brauns Early Numbers Indicate?

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What Do Braun's Early Numbers Indicate?

Rookie Year (Rookie of the Year)
BB% - 5.9
K% - 22.8
BABIP - .361
OBP% - .370

2nd Year (All Star)
BB% - 6.3
k% - 19.5
BABIP - .305
OBP% - .335

His above statistical numbers improved greatly in the next 5 years of his MLB career.
Braun's Minor League Numbers (A - AA - AAA)
151 Games
31 HRs
102 Runs
97 RBI
.297 BA
111 K's
57 BB's
His minor league OBP% was outstanding however (.346 / .367 / .403)

Prospect "A" Indicators (Minors -A ball)

BB% - 5.6
k% - 20.8
BABIP - .304
OBP% - .319

129 Games
27 HRs
83 Runs
109 RBI
.278 BA
115 K's
31 BB's

*Prospect "A's" low OBP could lead us to believe he is unlikely to mirror Brauns abilitiy to achieve stardom.

*Prospect "A's" power numbers and similar BB Rate and K Rate could lead us to believe we have a probable star in our organization.

*Braun's ability to improve his BB Rate and K Rate at the MLB level - years 3 thru 8 show that adjustments can be made at all levels. How many of us would welcome Braun's Sophomore season despite the similar BB% & OBP% as prospect "A". Or would we sell high because the numbers show otherwise longterm?
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  1. lightfoot789's Avatar
    No steriod jokes please - I would truly like opinions based on the above facts as they are presented. Which way are you more inclined to go - Excited by prospect "A" or skeptical based on his OBP? What history makes you sway one way or the other?
  2. James's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure that I know who the player is, but I won't name him so others can judge this scenario on the numbers.

    Judging from the numbers alone, it looks like Prospect "A" could be very good. Obviously there is caution because he's only been in A- ball, and I don't know if comparing him directly to Braun is a good idea, but I think overall you are correct. We might just have another possible star. Let's hope he can make the the proper adjustments and bump up that OBP.
  3. twinsfan34's Avatar
    I could be walk-ing right into this one, but I think Prospect A has a shot. He improved YoY...and I think, if he's willing to make the adjustments, shorten his swing, etc (if that's what's needed)...he can still be a successful power hitter because he has so much power.

    Ironically, Jose Dariel Abreu has the same scouting report. Can't hit the inside fastball, destroys mistake pitches, tons of power.

    I don't know if he'd ever hit over .270 in the pros. Do the Twins have room for an average to above average OF...who hits .240-265...22-34 HR type of player. Maybe.
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