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Twins have Unfinished Business

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It is fair to say that the offseason is still very much one of unfinished business for the Twins. There is still time for things to change, of course, and there may be further business to be done yet before the season starts.

With a 2013 record of 66-96 (.407), fans betting MLB World Series knew there was a considerable need for change and strengthening within the roster and the first part of the squad that needed attention was the pitching line-up and in particular the starters.

The 2013 season saw the rotation record an ERA figure of 5.26, which, to put the number in context, was almost half a run worse than any other big league club. Also, other numbers didnít make particularly happy reading for the Twins fans or management, and the signing of Ricky Nolasco, who had a good 2013 season, and Phil Hughes, who should fare far better at Target Field.

Those signings were a start in the overhaul that the rotation needed but, if possible, they still need more depth and strength in that rotation, and the pitching will not improve dramatically on the back of those moves in one season. Change will take time but the Twins do have options in the free agent market.

One area that remains a concern is the offence and run scoring; the Twins managed to score just 614 of them last year, which was the second fewest in the American League and, despite a few minor tweaks, such as Joe Mauer moving to first base, little appears to have happened.

The problem is that the Twins have lots of players who, although they are solid, they donít or canít make a difference. The real hope for that change is that there are the prospects in the system but they will take time to develop and come to fruition.

The Twins still need players; of that, there is no doubt. According to many MLB betting pundits, two areas of particular weakness are leftfield and designated hitter Ė and itís those areas that need addressing before the season starts.

The Twins, to look on the bright side for the moment, do have an impressive stockpile of prospects but they need to start getting some more experience into the team now to help those prospects who will probably come on stream for the 2015 season.

They took a step in the right direction with Nolasco and Hughes but need similar types on offence to start gaining some momentum and impetus in a season; as things stand now, it looks as though the 2013 struggles of the Twins will be repeated until those prospects start to come to the party in 2015.
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