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Starting the 2014 Season

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After a grueling unwatchable 2013 season our Minnesota Twins signed two of the biggest free agent signings in Twins history, Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes. We all know that, we added Pelfrey to the mix, and we already had Correia. 4/5 of the rotation is set, good news for Twins Territory, right?

Thinking about the off season moves, and the moves the Twins made during 2013, it seems we were set up to make some major moves in free agency, I don't think the Twins had a choice. I do find it funny we signed the two biggest acquisitions for the Twins in free agency on two pitchers that would barely make a #3 on a good team. One of our choices had a 5.19 ERA last year. We signed Pelfrey for two years as well and he also had a 5.19 ERA last year.

After having the worst ERA in MLB last year, we signed three sought after free agents and we are still projected to be the 3rd worst rotation in MLB!!! First, that shows how bad the rotation was last year. 2nd, that shows how poorly Bill Smith and company did retaining and judging talent. 3rd we significantly improved from last year, yet we are a miracle away from competing still. What happened??

I look forward to every season of MLB, I look forward to always having a chance, except I got spoiled in the 2000's, and this year I am really trying to be a realist. I can always hope things go right for the Twins, but when I mention miracle from earlier, I am going to shoot out the realities of this season, and what miracles have to happen to be relevant in August.


1. Atlantis sports book just released over/under on wins. Minnesota Twins over/under is 65.5.

2. Bleacher Report has the Twins as the 2nd worst rotation in MLB, ESPN has the Twins as the 3rd worst rotation in MLB.

3. Fangraphs has the Twins 28th in the MLB in runs scored.

4. The Twins PR department is really good at there jobs, Paul Allen sells hope, the Twins PR team has taken notes from him, we signed big free agents, which was a must for the team to even be competitive in MLB, and yet they still have a lower payroll than last year.

5. The Minnesota Twins are projected to be one of the worst teams in MLB!!!

Miracles, and how fans like me hope for.

1. Phil Hughes was pitching for the wrong team and in the wrong stadium. Phil Hughes was a very talented prospect for the Yankees, a change of scenery sets a better stage for Phil Hughes talent.

2. Mike Pelfrey is in his 2nd year after Tommy John, My belief is this was the best signing the Twins did this off season. I think Pelfrey will be much better this year, and I was very glad that he is with the team this season.

3. Willingham, Plouffe, Parmelee, Kubel have significantly better seasons and stay healthy. All four have had signs of being above average, and to score runs this year they have to come through and stay in the lineup. Willingham is in his contract year, Plouffe has Sano behind him, Kubel is coming back to try and recreate 2012, Parmelee is about at his last efforts to gain a starting spot here.

4. Joe Mauer stays healthier, keeps his legs under him and is able to hit for more power, and not start a decline in productivity.

5. Aaron Hicks can turn it around at AAA and be able to be a productive lead off hitter. I am sure Presley is going to start the year, we can only hope after Hicks had a real off season, added 10 pounds that he can produce, and make the starting lineup this season for the Twins.

This year is probably my first year that I am expecting to be a bottom feeder and I am not going to get sold on hope, I am going to root for the miracles that I have listed and if they happen I will be a very happy fan. They have done a phenomenal job selling Meyer, Sano, Buxton, reality is they won't be starters for the Twins til at least 2015. I got sold hope on those 3, and sold hope on landing the 2 biggest free agents in Twins history, I am not buying anything until I see it. I AM HOPING AND PULLING FOR MIRACLES, and I still can't wait for MLB to start in 2014.
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