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Comping Florimons Bat

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When I see the type of numbers Florimon ended up with last year I can't help but hope for a replacement. when I dig deeper I see he is not that far off from another long term SS who was at the time considered the fastest Twin and was near gold glove caliber. That SS was Greg Gagne. Gagne has a career batting average of .254 with averaging close to 10 HRs per season and 10-15 SBs too. while Florimon hit .221 with 9 HR and 15 SB. With just a little bit of improvement he could be a fine SS for the next 3-5 seasons as we can live with less offense in exchange for more defense which he does provide, just there is no margin for regression as we can not have a black hole hitting at SS since the rest of our lineup is not as strong. He could also end up like another Twin who is his 7th best comp through his current age on baseball-reference.com Ron Gardenhire...
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I'm perfectly good with Florimon at short for the next couple of years. Love the defense. And, if the rest of the offense steps up, his bat is just fine for the 9 spot.
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    The problem with Gagne as a comp is age and established performance. At 24 he was a major-league regular with a .700 OPS, and it was no anomaly since his minor league numbers were good when taking account of age and league level. Florimon isn't in his early twenties any longer, and the chances for further growth at the plate aren't good. Nothing's impossible in baseball, but I don't think the smart money is on Florimon to now become a .700 OPS contributor.
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