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Axel Kohagen

Twinsfest: Honoring the Order of Summer.

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Twinsfest ended today, and the weather report strongly suggests the rest of the world might end tomorrow. The temperature is already dropping to numbers that make you whistle, whether you want to or not. A path to the street from my house, clear in the early afternoon, is now a ragged trickle of cement overwhelmed by snowy cliffs.

The Twins annual call to arms was cozy, busy, but still ordered. Fans brushed past each other, and the occasional Twins player, with good will intact. The wait for the elevators might have seemed stressful at first, but what elevator experience isn't annoying?

Once a fan made it inside the doors of Target Field, the Rules of Baseball held sway. True Things exist, and they arecarved onto the back of baseball cards so we remember. The balls and bats are uniform in size and shape, and each autograph is a blessing. The Blessed Order of Summer.

This morning, I found a dead squirrel in my backyard. Just a puff of tail stuck up from the powder, where it had crawled until it, and the tunnel of snow, ended. Nothing ordered about that.

I went home from Twinsfest with two team schedules in my back pocket, one for the big time team in the Twin Cities and the other for the minor league club in the cornfields of my home state. I talked rules and potential, and I interacted with the men who played the game and kept the Blessed of Order of Summer. Baseball may be a game, but if playing the game creates so many smiles on the faces of fans, it is a game worth playing indeed.

Tomorrow I cannot say if my drive will take the normal amount of time or twice that. I cannot say if winter will end in a month or if snow will cover the ground until the grounds crew scrapes it away like some sort of skin ailment. I can, however, guarantee baseball will return, and my Twins will play games where the pitcher is sixty feet, six inches from home plate and knocking one out of the park gets everybody jumping.

But not until the Blessed Order of Summer returns. Jump for joy in the chaos of winter and you'll land ass-first on the ice.


  1. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. Amen.

    Thanks for the devotional. A perfect end to the day. Hope springs eternal.
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