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A Realistic Fix to the 2014 Twins

What the Twins need for this season

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We have all dreamed, hypothesized, and written out the lineup, rotation and bullpen on napkins for the past 6 months. We've all scratched out, thought about it, and scribed again. The final 25 to begin the season is nearly complete. The only drama to begin the season is the final 12 th and 13th spots of the player roster. And IF you assume Barlett is gone and Presley is in, there is only one spot open to see.

This year more than others, a transition year as some youngsters get their first promotion, eventually, and the team doing its best to avoid another 90 loss season, with dreams of being competitive, and keeping fan interest, we are all well aware of the fact that the team that begins the season will NOT be the team that finishes the season. It might not even be the same team that reaches the all star break. (Probably wont be)

The Twins had, arguably, one of the better bullpens in baseball last season, or at least in the AL, and it will begin pretty much as it ended. They have taken aggressive and even somewhat surprising moves to shore up the rotation. And there are at least a handful of position players, at least to begin the season, that are seemingly a given.

You get to play GM here. Ryan isn't full strength, and with all due respect to Antony, there exists the opportunity for someone to step forward to make a move or two now, or early season, to fill a hole or two to make our Twins a better club.

The only requirement is you be realistic. The Dodgers aren't going to trade Kershaw for Diamond and Bernier plus an A pitcher.

What say you at this point and near future to fill a hole or two to make our club more competitive?

I have my own options, but will hold out offering them for now.
(Spoiler: LF and DH)
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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    If I were GM, not certain how realistic, but here goes...

    Trade Correia, Willingham, and Duensing to the Bluejays for Colby Rasmus.
    Resign Rasmus for as close to 3 years 25 mil as i could get
    move Hicks to Left
    keep Rasmus in center
    make Arcia every day DH
    make Parmelee RF
    put Deduno in Correia's spot in the rotation.
    bring up Tonkin and Hoffman to fill out the bullpen.

    If I were manager...


    Rasmus CF
    Dozier 2b
    Mauer 1b
    Arcia DH
    Plouffe 3b
    Parmelee RF
    Pinto C
    Florimon SS
    Hicks LF

    Escobar Util
    Presley 4th outfielder
    Colabello PH 1b
    Suzuki C




    Updated 03-26-2014 at 09:31 PM by Sconnie (Replaced Kubel with bu catcher)
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