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Last Time It's Happened?

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Adam Brett Walker II hit the first pitch he saw in his first MLB game and drove it out of Jet Blue Stadium for a 2 run Home Run and the start of a key 7th inning rally, in which the Twins took the lead for good (7-4). It was the most runs the Twins had scored since March 14th.

This kid is special. Does anyone know of the last time a Twin to hit a HR on his first professional MLB pitch? He followed his great start off with a double to left center in his next AB. 2 for 2 on the day. The most impressive thing about this kid is he is humble & just wins! I thought the minor leaguers played well overall in their call up assignment. Goodrum mustered up 2 BBs and played solid defense. Petterson played outstanding defense at 3B.

Back to Walker:
I know it was the last Spring Training game, but it was still the Red Sox (World Champions). The pitcher he hit it off, had given up only 3 hits all spring and 0 runs before that HR. I couldn't find one highlight on any webcast news link. It was almost as if the HR never existed. I heard that leading up to and including his MLB ST game - he was 8 for 9 (thru 3 games) with 6 doubles - 1 HR - 1 single and a sac fly. He had something like 6 HRs during ST with 12 or 13 doubles (since March 11th). Are we still upset he doesn't walk enough? Would you rather he do damage to the ball or just get on base for the other mashers to bring him home? Let's see how many of you are excited for that gameplan this season? High OBP is what the Twins need. WRONG!!! Runs is what they need and it will come shortly (2015) in the form of prospects (including Adam Brett Walker II). WAS I THE ONLY ONE IMPRESSED?
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