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FREE tickets SWEET tickets for 4/8 noon game (Sec 11)

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I have 3 extra tickets in SECTION 11, ROW 6 for Wednesday's 12PM (4/8) game Vs. the A's.

I'm a 30 yr old farmer from SD and my other farming buddies backed out because they said they had to haul corn to the ethanol plant. Boo! Anyway, I don't understand Craig's list, I read Twins Daily, and thought this would be a cool place to give them away. Yes, I said give them away. I have no desire to sell them.

They are free. As long as you can deal with me being an A's/Twins fan and enjoy a loud, boisterous fellow. I will check back here in the morning at 930 or so (if i can figure out this computer thing) and try to figure a way to share cell numbers. I hope to see some replies, otherwise I'm going to give them to the hottest chicks I can find at a before bar.

Good luck.
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  1. SouthDakotaFarmer's Avatar
    This was meant to say 4/9. Either way, game at noon. Today (Wednesday)
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