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Has the clock run out on Jared Burton?

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The Twins fell to the Blue Jays on Tuesday night due in large part to the wheels falling off the Phil Hughes strikeout express in the 6th inning. After cruising through 5 innings, limiting the Jays to 4 hits while striking out 5 batters, Hughes suddenly couldnít retire a single batter and was forced from the game clinging to a 2-1 lead with 2 runners on and no outs. Those runners would score (plus one more for good measure) which left Hughes with a disappointing stat line of 5.0 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 5K and left his ERA at a far too high 7.20.

Iím not here to talk about Phil Hughes, however. In my opinion, these "one bad inning" outings are just something Hughes needs to work through (or the team needs to be ready for). With as poor as the pitching has been over the past 3 seasons, weíll take the bad with the good when it comes to Phil Hughes and hope that he figures it out in the meantime.

My bigger concern from last nightís game comes from the 9th inning when Jared Burton entered the game. Burton retired the first two Blue Jay batters relatively quickly before walking the next three batters in just as rapid fashion. Brett Lawrie stepped to the plate and wellÖ

I thought about linking the video, but I don't want to subject Twins fans to THAT again. Let's just say it was 9-2 in short order.

Tuesday was Burtonís 4th appearance of the season and it continued a frightening trend for the righty set-up man, one that dates back to 2013. To put hit simply Ė heís been crushed. (All numbers that follow were obtained from Fangraphs on 4/16/14)

Burton finished 2013 with 2-9 record with an ERA of 3.82. For comparisons sake, Burton finished 2012 with a record of 3-2 with an ERA of 2.18. That should raise a red flag immediately. While relievers are prone to up and down years, Burtonís 2013 was so much worse than 2012 that the Twins management and front office had to be concerned about the righty heading into 2014, even if they never said anything outright.

Delving a little deeper into the numbers doesn't make things look any better for Burton. He finished 2013 with a xFIP of 3.94, showing that his inflated ERA wasnít the product of bad luck or a few bad outings Ė rather it was an accurate measurement of his performance. With an opponent batting average allowed of .240 (up from 2012ís .183) and a BABIP of .294, the writing was on the wall. Burton may just be out of gas.

I think Twins management was influenced by Burtonís outstanding 2012 numbers and therefore were willing to take a chance that he could turn in numbers closer to his career best season Ė rather than 2013ís effort. Early season indicators seem to show that as a misstep. While the season is young and sample sizes are excruciatingly small (especially for relievers) Burton has done little to show that 2012 Jared Burton will ever be coming back.

He currently boasts an ERA of 14.40, with a xFIP of 6.94 (Thatís depressing. It means Burton has been somewhat unlucky and that his ERA should ONLY be nearly 7Ö) opponents are hitting .300 off of him and his BB/9 have risen, while his K/9 have been cut in half.

In short, heís walking more batters, striking out fewer batters and then letting everyone else hit .300 off of him.


With a plethora of young arms in AAA that look to be ready for the show, I hope the Twins donít let Burton flap in the breeze much longer. Michael Tonkin or Casey Fien could easily take over Burtonís role as the 8th inning bridge to Burton and Deolis Guerra, Ryan Pressly and Logan Darnell are all just a phone call away.

Things like this happen with relievers. Sometimes their stuff just stops working - for whatever reason. In reality, the Twins were lucky to get a career best season from a minor pickup in 2012.

Whether Burton is hurt or simply out of gas, the choice remains the same. Something must be done with Burton and I believe the sooner the Twins make a move, the better off they'll be.

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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I absolutely think he is likely about done as an effective reliever, at least in "setup" scenarios. Trading such relievers is pretty hard in the beginning of a season unfortunately.
  2. Winston Smith's Avatar
    They should DFA him and move on to younger guys but I don't think they want to swallow the 3 mill plus they still owe him.
  3. Danchat's Avatar
    Give this guy until the end of May and on June 1st, look at the numbers. If they stay bad, then it's time to DFA him. I still believe in Burton, but he's gotta prove he can still pitch.
  4. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Jarod "not a snowboard" Burton has looked terrible. Relievers sare fickle things, and while this is a small sample size, the numbers going back to last season don't paint a pretty picture. put him into some non-leverage situations and let someone else handle the pressure cooker situations. Let's see if he can fix himself, if not, see ya later, alligator!
  5. Lonestar's Avatar
    In 2012, the average velocity for his fastball was 92.9 MPH and for his change-up 87.2.
    In 2014, the average velocity for his fastball is 90.3 MPH and for his change-up 85.5.

    He could be on the bubble if/when the Twins go back to 12 pitchers.
    Updated 04-17-2014 at 12:38 PM by Lonestar (To correct Slider to Change-Up)
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