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A Realistic Fix to the 2014 Twins

Yohan Pino to help?

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Ok, go ahead, call me crazy. I get it. But is it possible we're missing something here that could prove helpful?

When the Twins re-acquired Pino this off season I offered a simply "meh" like the rest of you. AAA filler who might not finish the year or even make the club if a few things break right. But with his incredible start I had to sit down and take a look at his career numbers.

He has a career 3.7 to 1 SO to BB ratio and a career BA against of .239 including this season, and a career W-L of 79 & 55. Granted, there are reasons he's never had a cup of coffee, but his milb track history indicates a serviceable, replacement level player you would think would have had a shot somewhere down the line.

In his time previously in the Twins organization, he was never a top prospect, and was probably a 20-ish level prospect. Though he did receive mention in different prospectus as someone to watch a time or two. I have absolutely no illusions about Mr. Pino's prospect status. I'm just wondering, are we missing something here? Is he one of those guys who spends his career flying under the radar before figuring things out late and turns himself in to a useful piece? A long reliever or middle reliever
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