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A Realistic Fix to the 2014 Twins

And the Twins Shortstop of the future is ....

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I think think this is a good time to address this issue. Of all the positives we've seen so ar this season, SS seems to be a lighting topic. And despite the "sign Drew" advocates, this doesn't seem to be a real/impending possibility or a long term answer. So other than trade or next year signing possibility, where does that leave us?

Florimon is outstanding defensively. We've all seen what he can do. And it's truly a pleasure to watch him. But the second half of last season didn't match the first half offensively. And despite optimism of improvement in his second full season, whether it be by recovery of appendix, bad timing or anything else, he unfortunately just doesn't seem capable of producing offensively at the ML level.

Santana has caught the eye of Gardy and the staff. That can't be ignored. But there seemed to be nothing in ST games that allowed him to really set himself apart, no "moments" that allowed him to shine. But all reports have him as an athletic defender who has the potential to make the plays, as well as the offensive potential to hit some, get XB hits and steal some bases as well.

Beresford has a universal report and numbers to back up that he is a very good glove man who hits and makes contact with a little bit of speed and decent OB numbers but zero power.

Levi Michael has seemed like a wasted/over-reached pick until this early season. Is this an indication of a player who just took a little longer to figure things out? Maybe rushed slightly due to need and hope?

Mejia is a great story. I confess to knowing nothing of this young man other than the fact he can hit and has probably jumped at least a full level plus based on age and experience. I have learned never to bet against a ball player who is a fast riser, but I don't know enough, truthfully about potential to make an educated opinion.

Polanco. Now we have something to talk about. Signed as a SS with great potential, he has established himself, by all reports, as an outstanding 2B prospect who can seriously hit with a bit of power and speed. Not sure this young man has even reached his potential at any level yet as he keeps rising to the occasion. The Twins have asked him, with mixed results to be sure, to concentrate on the SSposition. This is clearly a means to measure his potential as well as a hopeful answer to the ML SS position long term.

As a result of Polanco's play at SS, one of the most physically talented INF prospects in the entire Twins system, Niko Goodrum has been moved, at least temporarily, to 3B. And while this might ultimately prove beneficial overall, I have to wonder if it might slow the development of the best SS prospect, overall, in the entire system.

As much as I support and love Dozier at 2B, I also wonder if he isn't our long term at SS. Rosario's suspension has thrown a big monkey wrench in to the the development of options. But it makes me wonder if Rosario or Polonco might not be the best option at 2B with an experienced and more mature Dozier sliding back over to SS.
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  1. DocBauer's Avatar
    Does anyone have any first hand accounts of Polanco defensively this season?

    One thing time and observation has taught me is to not get too hung up on errors in the lower minors from young infielders, especially at SS and 3B. History is littered with outstanding defensive ML infielders who had high error totals early in their careers as they learned the details of their position, dealt with rougher infields, tried too hard to make a play, or simply needed to learn to relax and concentrate to make the routine plays.

    Michael is starting to show something. Goodrum has tremendous talent and possibilities despite playing mostly 3B at the moment. But I don't think there is much question that Polanco would be an outstanding option as our stalwart SS in a season or two if he can prove to be an adequate, solid, consistent defender.

    With this position being such a hot topic with our Twins the past few seasons, and still, I'd really love to hear what everyone thinks.
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