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Write-in Campaign for Chris Colabello for All Star Team

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Per http://blogs.twincities.com/twins/20...l-star-ballot/

Chris Colabello will not be on the All-Star Ballot.

It's not too early (well, OK maybe just a bit) to start the write-in campaign.

Being elected by the fans to the All-Star game would seal the deal on a Disney inspirational sports drama starring Mark Walberg.

Who's with me?
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  1. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    But seriously no way would i pick walberg. We need a big italian. A big bearded italian. How about that guy "pussy" from sopranos (no clue what his name is). Lets face it, if its a sports movie it would have to be costner. I could see it. Or maybe a kevin james
  2. pierre75275's Avatar
    Kevin James could play Gardy. How is it possible Colabello is not on the ballot??
  3. pierre75275's Avatar
    Okay, nevermind I just read the rules
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Oh Sconnie...

    You had me up to 'Mark Walberg'.

    I'll write his name in, though. (Colabello's, not Wahlberg's)
  5. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Honestly, it's completely out of the hands of anyone to make any changes to the ballot after the season starts? Gimme an effin' break, MLB executives!

    But, don't the coaches select the bench players? There might be that going for Colabello.
  6. BucknersLegs's Avatar
    Since the Twins are the host team don't they get to pick a player to represent them? Mauer has allready been selected for some type of role. I do hope they find a way to put one of the finest and most dedicated ballplayers on the team. Cola Rocks!!
  7. Sconnie's Avatar
    Has no one seen this fine film?
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