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Rotation woes

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One possible outcome of the come to jesus meeting with Pelfrey (as mentioned) might be to eat the salary since he sounds against both bullpen and demotion options. Frankly, I am all for it a) because it is not my money b) at least Nishi had the class to forego his last year of guaranteed money which the brass could apply to this contract mistake and c) how much would it cost to bring back Scott Baker?? Surely his AAA numbers bode well for AT THE MINIMUM an improvement over what Pelf has given us. A heavily incentived 1 year deal with option for another should do it. Didn't his agent just contact the Twins who basically said 'no interest'...we have the worst starting rotation in baseball (again) and we passed up an opportunity to get a rebounding veteran on the cheap. I simply do not get it.
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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    I doubt Pelfrey would admit out loud to the press that he deserves to be demoted or moved to the bullpen.
  2. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    If Pelfrey is still able to hang around and be "good in the clubhouse" then it's all good, because even taking away Pelfrey's stats, it's still the worst rotation in the majors I think.
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