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Let's Guess the Twins Minor League All Stars

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With the minor league all star games approaching - Whom do you see making their respective League All Star Games? Several non top prospects are having excellent seasons.


New Britain:

Fort Myers:

Cedar Rapids:
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  1. stringer bell's Avatar
    You have to have Polanco and Berrios at Fort Myers. Vargas and Oliveros at New Britain and a couple of starters at Rochester--the Twins broadcast showed five Rochester pitchers with excellent ERAs. I guess Pino has been the most consistent.

    Daniel Ortiz and Gilmartin could be candidates at New Britain as well. I think Walker and his power should get some consideration in the FSL.
  2. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    CR - Stewart will make it on name. Mitch Garver should make it. Jason Kanzler deserves recognition. There are always a few questionable ones in the MWL which makes it more difficult to predict.
    FM - Berrios and Polanco are likely, and I would think Walker has a shot since I believe he leads the league in HR and RBI. Tomshaw and Hurlbut deserve it but are less likely since they're not high profile.
    NB - Vargas, Danny Ortiz, Oliveros, Rodriguez
    Rochester - Meyer, May, Pino, Johnson, Achter, Darnell should all be considered.
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs
    Tomshaw and Hurlbut deserve it but are less likely since they're not high profile.
    Does that mean that the selections are more political and prospect influenced IYO?

    I would like for both of those guys to make it as well. Does age ever play into the selections at the lower levels? There are several 26 year olds who are having excellent seasons in the FSL from other teams. Has that detered selections in the past?
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