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Johan down again

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I know ESPN is moronic sometimes but I couldn't believe that I was reading an article where they judged a pitcher based on wins. I thought we were four to five years past that. I'm not asking for advanced stats either, just maybe ERA and strikeouts?

Its especially frustrating because Johan was robbed in 2005 for the Cy Young by this very wins mentality. He had an ERA a full .6 lower than Colon (2.87 vs. 3.48), pitched 9 more innings and struck out over 80 more batters but finished third because he only won 16 games while Colon won 21. If baseball writers hadn't been so obsessed with wins and voted for the clearly inferior Colon, he would've leapfrogged Mariano Rivera and won it - giving him three in a row from 2004 to 2006.

Especially tough because it would've helped his Hall of Fame case to win three in a row. Right now he's borderline and almost certainly out. He was one of the two best pitchers in baseball (alongside Roy Halladay) for five years in the mid 2000s but the issues with longevity will hurt him as will the fact that his best years came in small market MN while his hurt (though still very productive) years came with big market NY.

It'll be interesting to see if he attempts to come back. He's only 35 and it seems his arm was still live but achilles tears at age 35 are brutal and he certainly doesn't need the money. He's 2 good years away from being a much more likely Hall of Famer and I'd love to see him find a way to do that. IMO he's much more deserving of the hall than a guy like Bert Blyleven who pitched for 20 plus years but was never anywhere near the pitcher Johan was. When Johan pitched during those Cy Young years, there was nowhere more exciting to be.


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