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Reactionary or Progressive?

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The Gardy and TR era seem to have operated under the philosophy of "at least we know what we've got-good or bad." With that being said, this is some of the good and bad for our boys:
K. Suzuki-good handler of pitching staff, contact hitter with little power, good character player, positive club house guy, clutch
J. Mauer- perennial all-star, almost certain .300 hitter, lacks power stroke, adequate defensively
B. Dozier-budding star, great defensive player, surprising power hitter, good base stealing instincts, not great average hitter
T. Plouffe-steady influence, improving defensively, has learned to hit to all fields, loses concentration at the bat occasionally
E. Escobar- surprise of the year, better hitter than expected, adequate defensively, potential base-stealer, question consistency
J. Willingham- great power, work in progress defensively, average arm, difference maker when healthy
D. Santana-spark plug, better hitter than expected, good base stealer, question how he will react to failure
O. Arica-great power, undisaplined, poor defensively, fiery, high ceiling, needs to improve contact
K. Morales-professional hitter, good RBI guy, DH only, leader, communicates well with other Latin players
E.Nunez- all-purpose back up, good pinch hitter, average to poor defensively
C. Parmalee- can play OF and back-up 1B, has some power, disappointing results with the bat, last chance in the bigs
E. Fryer-professional back-up, average to poor hitter, knows pitching staff
S. Fuld-4th OF, good defensively, poor arm, contact hitter
P. Floriman- great fielding SSS, liability with the bat, good speed and base stealer
P. Hughes-bulldog, tremendous strike thrower, likes to live up in the strike zone, susceptible to the home run, ace
K. Gibson-great sinker, possible future ace, tends to walk to many hitters, still learning the game, great at Target Field
R. Nolasco-has pitched in tough luck, not over-powering, consistent winner, will fight through bad situations
K. Correa-Twins best starter last year, also not over-powering, too many hits/inning, needs to step up
S. Deduno-electric stuff, terribly erratic, lacks command, walks far too many, better suited for long relief
G. Perkins-all star reliever, great attitude, team leader, can walk too many at times, strikeout guy
C. Fien- solid 8th inning guy, doesn't walk hitters, can pitch multiple days, doesn't lack for confidence
M. Guerrier-best times behind him, not a strikeout guy, has experience
C. Thielbar-maybe the best of the lefty relievers, can pitch multiple innings, good situational guy, too many hits/inning
B. Duensing-situational lefty, gives up too many walks, not over powering
J. Burton- great change, has been hit hard, doesn't have definite role
A. Swarzak- long relief guy, has been hit hard this year, looks like confidence is lacking

Traditionally, the Twins have always been reactionary when it comes to roster moves. Last year, they waited for Arcia to strikeout 12 times in 15 at bats before sending him to Rochester. Parmalee was in a long 0-fer streak before getting sent down this year.
Right now the Twins are 5 games behind the Tigers. It looks like there are some players-both hitters and pitchers- that are not helping the cause. If they wait until they are 10 games or more behind, the season could be lost. I hope they would instead be progressive, and give the players a shot in the arm and make some changes that tell the players, like the Morales signing, that the FO wants to win now! What do you think?
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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    A nice precis of our team.

    Most players feel they are demoted too soon, even if the fans have been calling for their demotion for some time. Most of them have a ton of confidence and have succeeded at every level. You kind of have to get that to understand that these guys get a long leash so they actually understand that they have things to work on.

    While our AAA pitching staff is really doing well it is not certain that they are all going to show up in MLB and be lights out.

    I'm sure that we can improve our team. No one, including anyone on TD or employed by the Twins, knows the best way to do that.

    Nonetheless, I join many others in being very optimistic about our future.

    Bottom line - expect some cautious moves.
    Progression does not have to mean a total roster flip.

    That, in fact, would be reactionary.
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