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Jeremy Nygaard

Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, June 24

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Join us again tonight (Tuesday) as Seth and I discuss the last week in the Twins baseball. We'll be going live at 9pm, shortly before the Twins and Angels kick off their series.

We'll be taking questions, so please leave below. Topics you'd like us to discuss? Let us know!

Last week we went two hours and 42 minutes. This week we promise to keep it shorter and sweeter. Or will we?


  1. TRex's Avatar
    Now that even Seth is saying that BA is over-rated, I was wondering if you could discuss where you would draw the line...

    Obviously, in the extreme of two players with an identical OBP of .360, the player who hits .360 with no walks is more valuable than the one who hits .240, but has a 12% walk rate (I know because of the AB/PA difference it would be higher than 12%, but the math escapes me at the moment).

    However, what if we compare a .300 hitter with that same .240 hitter who had the .360 OBP. In your opinions, at what OBP would the .300 hitter become more valuable?

    I understand the value of a walk in not creating an out, but I think the value of a hit is actually under appreciated nowadays. Walks never score a runner from second (and very frequently third), or move a runner from first to third. And if 30% of a #3 hitter's ABs occur with runners on base, a lot of opportunities for taking an extra base are missed by drawing a walk.
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