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My plan for the Twins going forward

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Twins have proven by now they are going nowhere this year, so what is the plan for the GM going forward.
Most of the posts have suggested getting rid of players that will bring little in return, Willingham, Morales, Correria, etc. These players will bring at most a B- or C prospect and will be looked at a salary clearing.
1. Twins look like they have a surplus of 2B prospects coming so we make Brian Dozier available to the highest bidder. He could easily bring a top 10 prospect or 2 from any contending team needing an improvement at 2B and is cost controlled to some extent making clubs like KC or TB and others more likely to enter the bidding. He is the best chance for the Twins to maximize the return on a player.
2. Make Glen Perkins available (this one hurts, he is from Minnesota and wants to be here, so may not be the best move). There are several contending clubs that need bullpen help badly(Detroit for one). Take advantage of them while there needs are high.

3. Trade Trevor Plouffe if possible(this one depends on the return, but several contenders lack major league third basemen and you could still get a decent chance prospect or three from teams lower level (A+ ball and lower).

This may sound like give up and move the content date out a year or two, but my viewpoint is now the earliest the Twins can realistically content is 2017 and Things need to be built to that point of time.

Start the brickbats.


  1. blindeke's Avatar
    Trading Dozier is not a bad idea. I doubt he'll get any better than he's been, and could probably get worse. (of course, he's been really good.)
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    My feeling is that the Twins have a number of possible replacements and his value is high. At least entertain the thought and see what you can get.
  3. dougkoebernick's Avatar
    While I understand what you are saying and think there is some merit to exploring what you could get for him, I hope he is the second baseman for the next five years for the Twins.
  4. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Dozier, Perkins, Plouffe-- I think you are on the right track. Sell all the usual names, and then maybe one of those guys too, who might actually bring something in return. The Twins system looks to have middle infield depth. I'd personally keep Perk though.
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