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Dozier's Season

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We have just passed the midpoint of the season and the Twins are a season low seven games below .500. A big reason why the Twins are as good as they are is their second baseman, Brian Dozier. Dozier is currently going through his third slump of the season and the batting average is down to .232. His homers have leveled off and his OPS has sunk to .762. However, I think the first half of the season has been a success for Dozier.

Brian leads the club with 15 homers and is second in RBI with 38. He has played all but two games and is the team's most dynamic fielder. He also leads the team in stolen bases and is a plus base runner. Dozier continues to lead the AL in runs scored with 60. How can a .232 hitter be leading the league in runs? Well, that is why Dozier's first half has been a step forward. Dozier has drawn 51 walks, third most in the American League. He has added the discipline needed to reach base via the free pass to his skill set.

Dozier made a much-ballyhooed adjustment to his hitting over a year ago. To some extent the league has adjusted to his adjustments, but by adding to his ability to work the count and see a number of pitches, Brian Dozier has moved forward.

I do believe that Dozier is guilty of trying to do too much. He hasn't been great in RISP situations, he's made more errors and he's probably made a couple too many aggressive base running mistakes. The best way to solve the over-aggressiveness is to have some help. If the rest of the team is making some plays, Dozier doesn't have to force the issue as much.

I noticed that someone has put forward the idea of trading Dozier. I suppose if players were machines, it would be a good idea, but I see Dozier as a guy who will keep making adjustments to get better and a leader on a team that needs one. Fill up a team with Brian Doziers and you have a winner.


  1. gil4's Avatar
    I see Dozier as a guy who will keep making adjustments to get better and a leader on a team that needs one.
    I hope he makes one soon, because he's one for his last 28, his last HR was June 14th, and he has had 1 extra-base hit since then. I think he will snap out of it, but he has looked a bit run-down lately.
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