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Why the Twins will contend in second half...

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1. Starting pitching MUCH better...(keep Correa)

Our starting pitching has been much better, we have an ace now..Gibson is pretty much online..but do expect more short outings..but also long outings..he is getting better...Twins will move Nolasco..to pen..drop Swarzak and bring up May. Pino will be decent for remainder of year, Our Starting rotation will be Ok the rest of the way.

2. Collabello - has matured from his exit, look for him to perform above average the rest of the year. Mauer is hitting..he will be better...Escobar is just plain good..we knew he wasnt a 300 hitter but with rest will still hit, Parmalee is finally hitting...Arcia..Im very dubious about and want SOMEBODY who can hit, Ortiz?

3. NUNEZ - might be the most valuable player on the team, the thing is, this guy can HIT...Play him until he doesnt but until then..keep him in the lineup!

4. My favorite player (except Deduno) Santana will return soon and here we go with a good leadoff man..

If you check out on the Twins now, you will regret it..EVERYTHING is looking up!
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  1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Seems like I've heard this song before.

    I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. Otwins's Avatar
    I hope you are right but what I really want to know is where I can get some of what you are smoking?
  3. gil4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Otwins
    I hope you are right but what I really want to know is where I can get some of what you are smoking?
    I can't help you. I used up the last of mine in June of last year.

    Ok, that's not quite true. I managed to score some back in March (that seems to be the season for it) and I find an occasional hit now and then, but it never seems to last very long.
  4. DocBauer's Avatar
    I like the optimism. It rivals even mine! Lol

    The Twins will not contend. But they can contend for .500. And it's not really that outlandish.

    Nolasco stays in the rotation, but remembers who he is and what he can do. This, along with Hughes and Gibson, gives us a very solid 1-3. May will be up. He will struggle. But he will also be very good. Correia will be traded unless the Twins are offered nothing. That leaves the best case scenario of Pino, Deduno, Meyer, Darnell and Johnson until September when they may all be available in one form or another. A 6 man rotation maybe?

    Santana and Mauer both come off the DL and hit like they did before injury. Escobar keeps it up, mostly, as does Plouffe. Yes, Nunez should get shots. He seems to like being out of NY.

    Arcia is streaky, but mostly good streaky. Morales settles in and the Twins keep him.

    Willingham and Morales both traded, can't fill the 4th and 5th spots in the rotation with anyone who can give you a realistic shot, and .500 doesn't happen.
  5. h2oface's Avatar
    Three cheers for Gibson......... but an ace? really? Dire straits must really lower ace standards. I won't say it too loud, ...... I don't want to wake you from your special dream during your nap.
    Perhaps I am misreading what you meant, and without saying it, you meant the ace is someone else....... like Hughes? Maybe, but after the last few starts, we might want to reserve the ace talk for later. It is a long season.
    Updated 07-08-2014 at 12:39 AM by h2oface
  6. huhguy's Avatar
    sorry that was confusing....I meant Hughes not the erratic Gibson, but maybe could be Correia?
  7. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Thank you for your optimism...but I'm just tired. I get too frustrated watching the games and expecting a win, or even a well pitched game. I find I'm more comfortable and easier to live with if I view the box scores and the Twins' highlights after the Twins' games, rather than viewing or listening to the games, pitch by agonizing pitch. These last series of disappointments have worn me out. These truly are the dog days of summer.
  8. huhguy's Avatar
    I totally get that, The players are capable of a major push but are the coaches? Brunasky is a joke as far as I am concerned, show me how he has helped this team. At the beginning of the year it was great we were walking like crazy, but any simpleton should know that the pitchers would start throwing strikes..duh!

    I think this team plays under too much pressure...they are deatly afraid of making a mistake..

    Lets hope the coaches will loosen the reigns, the players are self motivated.. they KNOW if they dont perform what the consequences are..now Gardy be good enough..to let em go, put the fun in the game again!
  9. jtkoupal's Avatar
    Who are you? Gardy? Terry Ryan? Please tell me you're being sarcastic. The last 3 years have ended miserably. Based on what I'm seeing, this year will be no different. I don't have to use my imagination to see another 90 loss season.
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