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Like it or not....Kevin Correia is Twins best Pitcher

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Hoping the twins wont try to trade him and we go for it this year...

Without him, we dont contend, with him..possible..
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  1. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    What about Hughes, Gibson, and Perkins? How is Correia better than those 3?
  2. huhguy's Avatar
    Gibson? You have to be kidding, Hughes struggles again today, I am talking starring pitching..Perkins not included....
  3. Dainir's Avatar
    I don't see why he would be, Gibson has better numbers. Gibson has a much lower ERA. He has pitched 8 less innings and allowed 12 less earned runs. Gibson has pitched 6 games where he has allowed 4 or more earned runs, and Correia has pitched 7 such games.

    So from just looking at the stats, Gibson would appear to be better. Hughes has pitched more innings and allowed fewer runs than Correia. You can't cherry pick starts and say "Hey, player x struggled here in this one game, he must not be the real deal." Back your claims up with stats and trends not just a one time start.

    Now if you look at just the stats from June and what's been accomplished so far in July you come up with a much better argument for you claim. Put those pieces together then come back.
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