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Dumping the HR Derby

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I did not watch the derby and haven't for a couple of years. To me, it is too long and boring - a glorified batting practice. After what, 20 years or so?, I think it's time to change it up a bit.

I hadn't really thought much about it, because I really didn't have an alternative. But last week I ran across a posting by Gabe Kaplan on Fox Sports, where he presents a different scenario that sounds at least interesting. In addition, it expands participation.

Dear new MLB commissioner: Dump Derby for these contests.

I would thing that something in this vain would add interest to the ALL-STAR game activities. What do you think?
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  1. lightfoot789's Avatar
    The MLB Home Run Derby should take on the format of the FSL (minus the secondary fence). The Florida State League gave each participant 3 minutes to hit as many as possible. I would recommend 2 minutes personally. It did however give fans a fast dose of HRs going over the fence and some type of climax as they watched the time run down. I was told it made the derby go faster and kept fans more engaged. Watch the 2014 FSL HR Derby video below. I think the format change works even at the MLB level.

  2. brvama's Avatar
    Thanks for the link. Talk about the 'quick pitch.' One thing the rapid fire does is make the batter work for those HR's, instead of just teeing off. I think that would be a good change to the format.

    However, I still like Kaplan's idea of adding competition for base-running (speed) and throwing from the OF (arm) to show off a couple of the tools of which the players are evaluated. IMO that would add interest and variety to the event that could expand both player involvement and fan interest. Certainly would for me.
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