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Brian Mozey

Buxton Went 3 for 4 Wednesday Night

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While the All Star break was happening for the MLB, Byron Buxton was showing why he should be in the All Star Game soon. Buxton went 3 for 4 on Wednesday night's game against Dayton. This is Buxton's sixth game since coming back from his injuries. Byron Buxton has been bothered with a wrist injury throughout the majority of the season. He came back in early May to play four games but then aggravated his wrist again to be put on the DL.

Buxton is ranked number one for prospects in the Minnesota Twins farm system as well as MLB.com. He was invited to spring training in Florida this past March and did well but still had work to do. The Minnesota Twins were hoping to see him in September call ups this season, but the wrist injury might hold him back until the 2015 season.

Byron Buxton is playing for High A Fort Myers Miracle right now and will be moving up to Double A before the end of the season. Buxton's 3 for 4 game included two singles, a triple, and a walk. It seems like that wrist is feeling better and hopefully his hot bat continues. I'd love to see him this September or next season because the Twins need some young players to fill some roles. Keep swinging the bat Buxton and we'll see you soon.


  1. Brian Mozey's Avatar
    I'd love some feedback if anyone wants to say something.
  2. Danchat's Avatar
    Hopefully he'll reach AA by the end of the season. But it's too early to call up him in September - they won't want to add him to the 40 man roster this early in his career. Knowing the Twins, they won't start his clock yet.
  3. Brian Mozey's Avatar
    Yeah that's what I don't understand. We always wait with our talent.
  4. Wookiee of the Year's Avatar
    I'll be happy if Buxton finishes the year developmentally where Sano finished 2013--having spent some time in 2013 at AA with success but not outrageous success, leaving us to debate whether he should start next year at AA or AAA. If he can make it to that point by the end of the season, then even with the wrist injury, I'll consider this year a modest success in his development.

    Are the Twins slow to promote? Yes, but honestly, that bugs me the least with 20-year-olds like Buxton. At this point, every year longer it takes him to reach the majors is one more year of his prime that the Twins get at a reduced price.

    I mean, the Cardinals kept a 20-year-old Oscar Taveras at AA for 124 games while he put up a .321/.380/.572 line, then at AAA for 108 games over the better part of two seasons while he hit .313/.358/.485. In return, they'll control him until he's 28. The Rays are also known for sitting on guys who've mastered the minors to maximize their effectiveness in the majors.

    On the other hand, you have the Marlins, who slotted a 20-year-old Jose Fernandez into their starting rotation while they went 62-100, threw away a service year while Fernandez sits out with Tommy John, and will lose him to Free Agency following his age 25 season.

    There's a certain injustice to making a player who's ready to contribute at the major league level wile away in the minors, but I tend to think waiting for a player to demonstrate mastery of a level and then promoting isn't a bad way to go. I far prefer it to the current Aaron Hicks debacle.
  5. Brian Mozey's Avatar
    I have great points Wookiee of the Year. I agree with you on everything you just said. Maybe taking some time for these young players to grow is best.
  6. Brian Mozey's Avatar
    I meant to say you have great points not I.
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