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New Britain Rockcats Projection

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I apologize for the mistakes I made on the Rochester roster, but I will try to do a better job in New Britain. With that being said the New Britain roster is more difficult because it is more fluid. Alot of the New Britain roster will be determined by what happens with the Rochester roster. Guys that don't make the Rochester roster, but that still hang around will likely go the New Britian. FYI if you think I got a lot wrong on the Rochester Roster you haven't see anything yet just because we just don't know. But I find it fun to guess who I think will be on these rosters so don't take my projections very seriously because they are just my guesses. Noone in the blogsophere knows how these rosters will be constructed. Terry Ryan and Mike Radcliffe are probably the only ones who know who is going to New Britain besides the few names that have been leaked out. However, for this exercise I am going to try and guess and see if i can guess and I welcome your comments on if you agree or disagree. By the way there are a few guys that I named to the Rochester roster that information has been released that they will be in New Britain so I have them on this roster.

C- Chris Herrmann
1b- Nate Hanson
2b- James Beresford
SS- Pedro Florimon
3b Deibinson Romero
LF- Darin Mastroianni
CF- Aaron Hicks
RF- Angel Morales
DH- Anderson Hidalgo

Danny Lehmann
Evan Bigley
Estarlin De Los Santos

1. David Bromberg
2. Pat Dean
3. Alex Wimmers
4. Logan Darnell
5. Bobby Lanigan

Bruce Pugh
Dakota Watts
Luis Perdomo
Lester Oliveros
Matt Hauser
Tony Davis
Steve Hirschfeld

Updated 03-29-2012 at 08:42 AM by travistwinstalk

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  1. irb49's Avatar
    Travis, Florimon and Beresford have already been "leaked" courtesy of newspaper article quoting Ryan re middle infielders. Don't think Rohlfing made it up.
  2. travistwinstalk's Avatar
    Thanks made the change
  3. nicksaviking's Avatar
    That looks pretty plausible. One thing I notice is that the line between New Britain and Rochester is becoming blurred. Obviously it's due to the fact that many positions have multiple players that are quite similar in skill level. There are probably ten names on this list that should be in Rochester, there just isn't any room for them. There are quite a few guys here that have recently made an appearance at the MLB level as well. Last year the Twins demonstrated that they weren't afraid to call guys up from AA, that could happen again with several of these arms, Florimon or Matroinanni.
  4. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Florimon and Mastroianni in New Britain instead of Rochester? Bigley would be starting, then. Looks good otherwise, though I would be surprised if Oliveros wasn't at Rochester as well. Maybe since the Twins have SO MANY AA/AAA players that it does make sense to keep some of the better prospects down at AA for more playing time.
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Looking at the current, up-to-date work groups, there are some surprises. Mastroianni, Oliveros, Perdomo, Guerra are with New Britain. Typically players don't move UP on those lists, so there were some surprises, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more surprises and more players are sent down.
  6. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    Soooo where goes Hollimon, released?
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