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Twins Report from Fort Myers. March 30th edition: Punto and the Red Sox and Goodbye

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This post was originally posted in its entirety at The Tenth Inning Stretch. Because of the image limitations I can only post some of it. To see the whole post with 21 action photos of Twins' players from today's game against the Red Sox, please go here

Tonight is my last night at Fort Myers. It has been a super blast to be able to spend 8-10 hrs a day at the Twins' Spring Training Complex on a daily basis. This will be the last of my Daily Reports from Fort Myers and it is a bit super-sized: 21 photos in all.

Like every morning, I started the day at the minor league Fields. Today was one of the rare days that all 4 fields were occupied and Twins' minor leaguers were either doing drills (Fields 1 and 4) or taking Batting Practice (Fields 2 and 3). Happy to finally snap an action photo of this previously elusive Twins' prospect:

Pretty tight two-seamer grip.

And the Celebrity of the Day (he was watching AAA BP at Field 2 and chatting -maybe commiserating- with Joe Benson about haircuts and the Twins' policy) :

Back at Hammonds Stadium for the Twins' game. Here are the lineups (names correctly spelled) :

I took this one just for Parker. "Thome is my Homey" sighting at Hammond Stadium:

Lots of familiar faces with the Red Sox:

The remaining post, including 21 action photos of Twins' players from today's game against the Red Sox, because of image limitations here, continues at The Tenth Inning Stretch.


  1. Highabove's Avatar
    Who is the first Celebrity with the long hair? He kind of looks like Dark Star???
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Dan Gladden
  3. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    So, you went up to this woman and said, "I really like your shirt. May I please take a picture of your chest, please? That would be great!"
  4. Teflon's Avatar
    Other t-shirt options for this year (If we can get similar pictures):
    Plouffe is my Goof
    Blackie is my Lackey
    Casilla was my Idea
    Frankie Makes Me Cranky

    Updated 04-01-2012 at 12:47 AM by Teflon
  5. Steve Lein's Avatar
    What pitch is Shibuya throwing in that photo? I don't think that's a 2-seamer (not a normal one anyway), his index finger is curled on the side of the ball and the middle and ring fingers are on the seams. Gotta be his changeup, right?
  6. Thrylos's Avatar
    Did not realize that the index finger was not there. That is a funky breaking ball grip... Change has at least 3 fingers on the ball
  7. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    Thanks for the boob...er...Thome pic. Glad to see those are still around.

    Gotta agree with Lein, that's a circle change - for whatever reason he tucks his pinky in.
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