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Target Field of Dreams... or Horrors?

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I agree with the majority that Target field is a fantastically beautiful modern facility with a nostalgic/old-time feel, but I am perplexed as to why they planned out the dimensions the way they did. Usually teams who have procured the financing to build a new ballpark build it around their star players and their strengths. I cannot remember if the Twin's were given the thumbs up to build the ballpark in 2006 or 2007, but at that time they at least knew Mauer's strength was as a gap to gap hitter and Morneau is a left handed hitting power hitter that when he is going good hits the ball to all fields, but can pull the ball very often also. They have made the ballpark way to difficult to hit out of the yard in the power alleys and right field is a nightmare for power hitters. Petco Park (Padres) has served as an example to not build super-pitcher friendly parks in a mid to small baseball market. No decent free agent hitter wants to sign a contract with them and they seemingly always have middling teams at best with pitchers who's stats don't really tell the story (Good Luck Matt Latos in the Great American Band Box). Do the Twins have a stubborn attitude about adjusting on the fly to accommodate their star players and strengths? Was it too late in the process to make the dimensions friendlier to their star hitters? They definitely did not have a star pitcher to accommodate as Santana was gone when he reached Free Agency and everyone knew that. What happened and what was reasoning behind the ballparks design? Unbalanced ballparks ruin the baseball enthusiast's realistic point of view, reasoning of the box score's end outcome and overall feeling that player performance cannot be judged by results, but by theory based upon a generic ballpark's dimensions. MLB should have standardized dimensions on how each team builds their ballparks. Based on Climate, Wall Height, and Length of the turf. Target Field is Astheticly beautiful, but in baseball fairness.... ugly.
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  1. Highabove's Avatar
    In 2 to 7 years, our current Stars will be gone. Target Field will be around for at least 30 years.

    I do agree that our Ball Park should play a little fairer to hitters. The Twins do not produce Ace Pitching, so the Park does play to that.
  2. stringer bell's Avatar
    You do have to look at this long term. If the Twins OF prospects pan out, they will have a bunch of young rangy outfielders to track down those long fly balls. They have consistently drafted and developed "pitch-to-contact" hurlers who would also benefit from a good defense with fast, rangy fielders. Finally, do remember that despite being outhomered at home, the Twins had the best home record in baseball in 2010.

    It is strange that they have been outhomered by more at home than on the road both of the past two years. In that facet at least, today's Target Field doesn't fit its inhabitants.
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