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Kirsten Brown

Don't Worry, Be Happy -- For Now

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Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

Happy New Years' Eve, Twins Fans!

Tomorrow at 2pm Twins Territory time, Denard Span will dig in the batters' box at Orioles Park at Camden Yard against RHP Jake Arrietta and begin the 2012 Twins season.

And it's been a looong time coming. We all endured a long, cold off-season trying to remove the stench of the 2011 season from our collective memories.

But now that's over. Now, ... today, ... none of that matters. We get to be excited. We get to be optimistic. We get to be confident.

Today, we don't worry about records, or injuries, or errors. We don't fret about bobbles or blunders. We don't even consider that our hearts may get broken.

Today, we think that anything can happen. We dream of great things.We hope for the best.

Today, it doesn't matter that the experts don't expect much of this team.

Today, ... we believe.
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  1. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Great sentiment, I love the days of sincere, unflinching optimism, best time of the year!
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