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Starting Pitching Concerns

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Baker doesn't appear close to ready. Marquis is not in camp. Is it possible that both will not be in the rotation as the Twins break camp?

Who is in line to get those starts? Any signs of the Twins stretching out some of the players pegged for a relief role?

What is the succession order?

Liam Hendriks
Anthony Swarzak
Brian Duensing
Matt Maloney
Jeff Manship

Seth may be able to help with this... what is the projected starting rotation at Rochester? How close are PJ Walters and Luke French to a Twin uniform?

I know there was talk of scanning the waiver wire for reserve shortstop help. Pitching might be the greater need.
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  1. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    That's one nice thing about having former SP in your BP. I'd prefer Duensing to make spot start early on if need be since he's the least removed from doing so. I doubt both Marquis and Baker will be unavailable for their first starts, which is not to say that either will be effective. I'm less worried about Baker than Marquis (new team, mind on his daughter[understandably], 5th man in the rotation). With just under two weeks left, Baker still has time to stretch out and increase his velocity. Twins starting pitching will determine what kind season this will be. I think this is true most years but especially this year.
  2. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    BTW where is Gibson supposed to be this year and how's he healing/progressing from TJ?
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Ultima Ratio, Gibson will be returning to MiLB late in July-August and making several starts, and all indications are that he is healing well, with the hope that he makes a push to enter the rotation next year. I, contrary to Ultima Ratio, believe that Baker is the one to worry about, as he is a fairly-good number 2 guy in a rotation if he could ever figure out these arm problems. Marquis, while yes having to adjust is in all appearances healthy
  4. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    So is Gibson in Ft. Meyers when he starts playing games? That was my guess.
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