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It was a cold, cold night in Beloit

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Last night myself and about 700 other folks decided to tempt frostbite to catch a baseball game between a bunch of guys who have spent the last few months in Florida as they tried to adapt to 35 degree weather. This was not a enjoyabe experience for all concerned. Most noticeably Madison Boer. Our starting pitcher hung in for a a couple innngs with some good stuff for game more suited for Lambeau then Pohlman Field. But this promising start was not how the night would be ending for Madison. The Peoria team strung together a few hits on him and his team gave back some with a few well placed errors.

It was a mix of both hard hit balls, a very nice bunt and a seeing eye single here and there. But the kid from Minnesota was not fooling anyone by the third and was gone by the games midway point with 5 on the board for the Chiefs.

The Snappers bullpen came in and held the Chiefs scoreless the rest of the way. Some good pitching from the four guys out of the pen. The Matts (Tomshaw and Summers) looked particularly good.

The offense for the Snappers looked like it was a bunch of guys from the Caribbean and Florida trying to stop shivering long enough to swing the bat. Sano and Rosiaro are the headliners here and both had good moments and bad moments in what might have been the coldest night of baseball in their lives. Sano was plunked in the second and stole second fairly easily, he looks slower because he is a big guy out there running around. After that he was not really a factor waving at a few balls out of the strike zone and taking some first and second ball strikes. He does look good in the field, smooth. Not flashy but solid at 3rd.

Rosairo was having some issues at the plate until he caught a ball up and roped into the wind aganist the right field wall. He ended up at 3rd after the ball was chucked home looking to catch Jonathan Gonclaves scoring. Gonclaves had 2 hits for the Snappers and Rosario, Daniel Ortiz and J.D. Williams the other 3. Ortiz had a hard double down the right field line for other Snapper ball that rang off the fence.

I found myself wondering just what the boys of Puerto Rico, the Dominican and much warmer climates were thinking, probably something like. "When is it going to start to snow?" "There really are 700 people who live in the god forsaken tundra?" "Damn you Kepler, how come you got to stay in Fort Meyers. Can I go back to extended Spring Training." "Are my fingers still attached?" "What is that coming out of my mouth? My life force is escaping with every breath!" or it could have just been strings of expletives in various languages.

I will be heading back Saturday and hope for a warmer time as it is a 2:00pm start.
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  1. Neinstein's Avatar
    It was a good game, but I bet the highlight still had to be watching Sano's GS HR sail over the fence.
  2. MWLFan's Avatar
    Sano got his GS on Friday. I was not there, of course. I went Saturday again. Saw Rosario rip one. Still have not seen Sano make contact.
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