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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

2-4 With wins comes hope.

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Man what a difference two games can make!!! Difference in one thing, and about 1 thing only, that is hitting. 20 hits, Morneau/Mauer hit a homerun in the same game, not to mention Willingham continues banging the ball over the fence. Baseball is fun!! Minnesota Twins couldn't hit the ball in the first 3 games, they couldn't play defense, they couldn't pitch, nothing was right, they start the season 0-4. One thing has gotten better, hitting. We all knew based on numbers that was going to be the least of the Twins worries. The Twins can't score 7 and 10 runs a game, I thought defensively we were going to be much better than last year, but that was with Revere in the outfield, and Morneau at 1st, without those two in the field the defense looks very wary to say the least. Gardy has some tough choices to make sometimes surrounding putting the best lineup out there all the time, or play better defense. It is inevitable I think the defense will shore up a bit, but it is still going to be problematic.
I will be the first to tell you that moving Nathan and signing a different closer to stay on the cheap I was all for, I was even for signing Capps. The entire pitching staff was going to be suspect. That hasn't changed, Baker is out, and we have Capps at the back end which didn't look that great in any of his appearances. It is early and for some closers it takes a couple games to get your movement and location down, I am going to see how far this goes, I am glad we have Perkins available. I am hoping Capps can stay consistent and make it, and stay as our closer. How long is that going to be before Perk takes the closer role. By June? End of July? the entire year?
I have some excitement level watching the game tonight to see if we can continue to hit the ball around. It is fun watching Willingham, definitely going to watch tonight going for number 5, or 6? That would be really fun. Span, Carroll, Mauer, Morneau, Willingham, at what point do we split up the lefties? I am really rooting for Swarzak to pull the rotation together. Besides the opener, tonights game I am looking forward to more than any other game this year. I can finally relax and watch and enjoy a friday night game. Go Twins!!!!


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    I was at the game yesterday with my son. We were pretty depressed early on, and then the HITTING PARADE began. I saw it live and still don't believe what I saw...absolutely amazing. I knew these guys could hit better than the first four games showed, but I never expected 20 hits including three blasts. I, too, am worried about defense...love Willingham, but he seems a little lost in the outfield, as does Plouffe. I like Carroll at short. I just watched the Texas outfielders make two outstanding plays in the first two innings, the kind Torii made back in the day. I am a little confused about the $6.5 million that Baker will earn this year for not pitching...do the Twins have an insurance policy on his arm? Can't they go out a try to find a starter somewhere?
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