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Is it too early for the Twins to panic?

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After dropping the home opener 5-1 to the Angels, the Twins find themselves as the only American League team without a win this season. Yes, it has only been 4 games. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is quick to remind the media and fans of that however, is it too early to panic? This author thinks that the panic button should be pushed and pushed hard right now.

In 2011, the Twins began the season 1-3 on their way to a 63-99 record. While a team’s record through 4 games is hardly indicative how the season will go, there are other reasons to be concerned for the Twins already.

The main Twins website at www.twinsbaseball.com featured an article today entitled Twins stymied by Wilson, drop home opener. Solid article followed by fan/reader commentary that spelled out perfectly the reasons why it is time to panic.

One reader’s comments concerning the lack of passion being shown by the players particularly stood out. There is no urgency in the eyes and demeanor of the players in the field nor coming from their manager. If you hit a ground ball in the infield, you run it out with everything you have. You never know if they will throw the ball away or the first basemen will drop it. The starting pitchers look complacent and act as though they’re just trying to make it through their start so they can sit down again and watch. Playing with passion would mean going all out on every pitch, being fired up and getting on your team when they aren’t playing well. The Twins haven’t exhibited one ounce of passion yet this year. One would think that they would be excited to be on the field again??? Maybe there is a reason why they aren’t.

The Twins’ offense sputtered again last night, this time against C.J. Wilson. The Twins recorded no fly ball outs through 8 innings in the home opener. For 4 straight games, Minnesota has been beating the ball into the ground with nary a batter appearing to want to drive the ball. Justin Morneau and Josh Willingham have been driving the ball well in the early on however they are the only ones. Where does the blame lie for the stagnant offense? Gardenhire says that things “aren’t clicking” yet for everyone. Well no kidding. What is the problem? Some fingers have begun to point at Joe Vavra however the blame should not rest on him alone. Many fans have commented on the fact that Twins’ hitters are not trying to hit the ball hard, preferring to hit for contact rather than being aggressive and getting an extra base hit…or even just getting the ball off the ground in the Twins’ case. Passive approaches at the plate are not going to win the Twins many games this year. Big swinging clubs such as the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox will wipe the floor with the Twins if their approach doesn’t change. The Twins need to be aggressive at the plate–swing at the first pitch if it is down the middle (Joe Mauer!), look to drive the ball (Denard Span!). Something needs to change in the offensive approach for the Twins, their lackadaisical hitting isn’t going to win them any support. The fans need something to look forward to when watching games. Happy fans buy tickets. Angry fans don’t.

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