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The Buddy Files Vol. 1.1---"Startin' to come together, Pepper."

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Well that was fun. I choose to believe the Twins have started winning because I have started blogging. I'd like to hear a better explanation.

Honestly though, even though I was stuck working that was a very fun game to listen to on the radio. It sounded like the crowd was way into it and I have to assume the boys were too. Capps did raise my blood pressure a little but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And believe me blowing that one may have killed the Twins.

Let's not get carried away though it is two wins. In the immortal words of Lou Brown, "That was two wins in a row, one more is called a winning streak".

And what can we say about Willingham that hasn't been blogged 5 times already? If he wants to produce like this all year, sign me up! As a side note, he is the only Twin I drafted for my fantasy team this year. Maybe it was his homers that showed Joe and Justin that you can hit the ball out of Target Field.

So lets keep this going with a bunch of fan energy that hopefully translates into some player excitement and fun, winning Twins baseball. The Rangers are supposed to be a tough series but so were the Angels.

Win Twins!!!!! that is all
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