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Top 50 Twins Prospect Lists; SethSpeaks vs Twinkie Town

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Our good friends over at Twinkie Town have spent the past couple of months working on their community Top 50 Twins Prospect list. Each day, those who went to their site were able to cast their vote for a player. The player with the most votes gets the spot, and the next day they would vote for the next spot. They started at #1 and worked all the way to #50 and the best part was community discussion each round.

I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast my Top 50 Twins Prospect list to the Twinkie Town list. The top five on each list are the exact same, but after that, there are some significant differences, and by the time it reaches the end of the list, there are several names that donít appear on both lists. So, as pitchers and catchers are set to report to Ft. Myers on Saturday and SethSpeaks.net is winding down, discuss these lists and feel free to post your own rankings.

Rank SethSpeaks Top 50 Twinkie Town Top 50
1 Miguel Sano Miguel Sano
2 Eddie Rosario Eddie Rosario
3 Oswaldo Arcia Oswaldo Arcia
4 Aaron Hicks Aaron Hicks
5 Joe Benson Joe Benson
6 Liam Hendriks Kyle Gibson
7 Kyle Gibson Chris Parmelee
8 Adrian Salcedo Liam Hendriks
9 Alex Wimmers Brian Dozier
10 Chris Parmelee Chris Herrmann
11 Brian Dozier Max Kepler
12 Travis Harrison Levi Michael
13 Tom Stuifbergen Adrian Salcedo
14 Angel Morales Alex Wimmers
15 Chris Herrmann Angel Morales
16 Manuel Soliman Carlos Gutierrez
17 Levi Michael Tom Stuifbergen
18 Max Kepler Travis Harrison
19 Niko Goodrum Niko Goodrum
20 Hudson Boyd Hudson Boyd
21 BJ Hermsen Logan Darnell
22 Danny Santana Madison Boer
23 Madison Boer Manuel Soliman
24 Terry Doyle David Bromberg
25 Logan Darnell BJ Hermsen
26 David Bromberg Lester Oliveros
27 JD Williams Matt Hauser
28 Matt Hauser Deolis Guerra
29 Jairo Perez Tyler Robertson
30 Pat Dean Scott Diamond
31 Matt Summers Terry Doyle
32 Danny Rams Nate Roberts
33 Scott Diamond Matt Summers
34 Angel Mata Cole DeVries
35 Corey Williams Corey Williams
36 Danny Ortiz Matt Bashore
37 Carlos Gutierrez JD Williams
38 Nate Roberts Danny Rams
39 Lance Ray Pat Dean
40 Deolis Guerra Andrew Albers
41 Michael Gonzales Dakota Watts
42 Lester Oliveros Tim Shibuya
43 Ryan OíRourke Lance Ray
44 Hung-yi Chen Evan Bigley
45 James Beresford James Beresford
46 Bobby Lanigan Tony Davis
47 Tyler Grimes Danny Lehmann
48 Anderson Hidalgo Jorge Polanco
49 Tim Shibuya Angel Mata
50 Luis Nunez Jairo Perez

Any thoughts? Please feel free to e-mail me or use the Comments Section!


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