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Could the Yankees come for Dozier?

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Now that Robinson Cano has reached his huge contract with the Mariners, could the NY Yankees come calling on the Twins next week at the Winter meetings, for a trade to get Twins 2B Brian Dozier?

Brian Dozier .244/.312/.414/.726
Kelly Johnson .235/.305/.410/.715
Brendon Ryan .197/.255/.273/.528
Eduardo Nunez .260/.307/.372/.679

Dozier 2B 147 games 2013 .992 fld% 5.22 RF/9
Johnson 2B 22 games 2013 1.000 fld% 3.86 RF/9
Ryan 2B Has not played 2B since 2009
Nunez 2B Played 2 games there last year

I'd say Dozier is a better defensive 2B - even after only one season there, than any of the three on the Yankees list. And he's better offensively.

The Yankees are going to have to find someone to replace Cano. So the question is, what could the Yankees offer the Twins for their 2B?

The Yankees' top prospects include CA Gary Sanchez, SP Jose Campos and SP Rafael De Paula; could say two of these prospects woo the Twins enough to give up Dozier?

Of course the Yankees know the Twins have two high 2B prospects somewhat close to making the team - Jorge Polanco and Eddie Rosario (although Rosario is facing a 50-game suspension)?

If Brian Cashman offers two of these top prospects for Dozier next week, what will Terry Ryan do? What should he do?
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Honestly, I was just thinking about this. There are very few 2nd basemen out on the market, and I could see a team coming to the Twins for either Dozier or Rosario, despite whether or not Rosario is ready for the Bigs.
  2. zchrz's Avatar
    I can certainly see NY pursuing him (his power would pretty well there) but I don't think they, or anyone, is going to give up multiple top of the org prospects for him. If he gets moved to the Yanks I think it would be more along the lines of Dozier for Pineda (maybe plus a throw in). With Rosario's clock being set back essentially 1/2 a year I doubt Dozier will be traded at this point. I think you see what you have in him and let Rosario take his time now, no need to trade the 1 possibly above average MI they have developed since Guzman, unless they are blown away of course.
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    It's a very interesting idea. Ultimately, I think they Yankees will instead do what the Yankees do: spend money. They'll just go hard after Omar Infante, who they reportedly made an offer to earlier this month. But it is an interesting idea. It's also interesting that they have already gone out and signed so many backup options.
  4. lee_the_twins_fan's Avatar
    It's quite possible the Yankees will target Omar Infante. He's the best remaining FA 2B. But remember the Yankees are trying to stay under the payroll tax limit of $189 million. And they need probably a couple of pitchers, and may need someone at 3B to replace A-Rod. My point is, the Yankees really need a better 2B. What are they willing to give up to get one? Would it be worth a couple of top prospects? And should the Twins bite, if they do make that offer?
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  5. Zephrin's Avatar
    I've always thought this would be a Trade Deadline decision, and even with Rosario's suspension I don't see that changing. Rosario will still have 2 months to settle in and show what he can do at AAA before July 31st, and Dozier has 4 months to prove that his post-All-Star break growth wasn't just an anomaly.
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