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Cap'n Piranha

The Twins have one Ace, believe it or not

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It just happens to take two pitchers to make that one Ace. Between Carl Pavano's mindset, and Francisco Liriano's stuff, we actually do have that one Ace. Pavano demonstrated on Monday that he has that bulldog mentality that an ace needs, to decide that he is going to go out, compete, and get some outs for his team. Liriano demonstrated on Tuesday that he is one of the most mentally fragile picthers in the league, that is yet to learn how to handle adversity. If we could somehow combine them into Carcisco Paviano, we might really have something.

In other thoughts, since I didn't get to see or listen to the game much, how did the Clete Thomas, Center Fielder thing work out? When I was listening, and heard Denard get ejected, my immediate thought was that a Willingham-Thomas-Plouffe outfield might just be the worst defensive outfield in the league. If that suspicion is correct, I woudl think it becomes imperative that Denard not jaw about balls and strikes, as he would ostensibly be our only outfielder who's even acceptable in CF, what with Revere running in Rochester.


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