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Spaceman Helmuts necessary. Opening Day Line-Up 2015

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This just may be a waste of everyone's time, but what the hell - it could be fun, boring or whatever... Let's Do It!
Opening day Line-Up 2015 (I will include a closer):

C - Chris Herrmann
1B - Chris Parmelee
2B - Eddie Rosario
SS - Brian Dozier
3B - Miguel Sano
LF - Joe Mauer
CF - Aaron Hicks
RF - Joe Benson
DH - Justin Morneau

SP - Mark Appel
C - Glen Perkins

Let the games begin!
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  1. Teflon's Avatar
    Fun to think about. You're optimistic the Twins will resign Morneau in 2014, I see. Unless he takes a pay cut, his age and likely salary ($10 million+?) would make that an uncharacteristic signing by the Twins considering their past history with players at that stage like Torii and Cuddyer. I'd more expect Mauer to fill in at 1B/DH and still catch some. The Twins also still have an option on Span in 2015, who will only be 31, so I would think it's likely he's still in the outfield somewhere.

    What about the pitching staff?
  2. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Teflon, thanks for your comment. For some reason I am optimistic the Twins will resign Morneau when that time comes. I think he will take less years and a little less money. My gut feeling is he will become a DH type as his concussion symptoms will continue to get better, but will still hang around enough to warrant being a full-time DH - not that I think this the right thing or wrong thing... just my gut feeling. As for the pitching staff... I would not touch that topic with a 10 foot pole. That would take way too much time and I have a life I need to lead.
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Swap Mauer and Benson. Mauer seems more like a RF guy, and Benson can cover left a lot more. Otherwise, I'm optimistic.
  4. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I could get on board with a lineup like this. I do agree that in this scenario Benson needs to be in LF. You could also potentially have Mauer at first and Parmalee in right.
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