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3 HR's? Come on Man!!!

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I'm not mad that Curtis Granderson hit a couple of homers off Anthony Swarzak on mistake pitches. Heck, I'm not mad that Curtis Granderson got a couple of singles, one of them a seeing eye infield dribbler after hitting 3 (count 'em 3!!!) home runs. I'm FURIOUS that
Curtis Granderson was allowed to hit his 3rd home run off Jeff Gray without even so much as MOVING his feet in the batter's box. Is this on Gardy? Is this on the pitcher? Is this on Mauer? I go with Gardy. He's the skipper, set the tone, don't let the damn Yankees get away with being so comfortable at the plate.

Come on Man!!!
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  1. TwinsFanLV's Avatar
    Amen! When are the Twins going to find a pitcher with the guts to knock a guy down once in a while? I'm in 100% agreement with you brother!

    Best post I've read at Twins Daily!
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