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Parmelee Haters and the Love Below

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Wooooo... how do I even start this thread/blog/or whatever. It seems that most think Parmelee should be in AAA or they think he is a butcher on defense. How did this happen? Parmelee for the most part, if my memory is correct was projected to be a good defensive 1B from the time he was drafted and he has done nothing to prove that statement any different, Parmelee must now prove himself to be an efficient outfielder, he might not have wheels, but he seems to have a proficient arm, not much different than SS drafted Cuddyer or Plouffe.

1. Cuddyer is slow like Parmelee. What Cuddyer gained with experience was base running savvy. Cuddyer runs the bases well and can read situations better than most to take a bag. Molitor should be commended for that development. Cuddyer is slow, but a smart baserunner, who is to say Parmelee cannot be the same with some experience?

2. It took Cuddy 4 years before he was able to show some offensive fortitude. Plouffe has been over matched in his 2 years in the bigs. Parmelee looks comfortable and has NOT shown a propensity towards being an offensive burden. This guy hits and he hits with authority.

3. Parmelee is going to have to become comfortable with playing RF or even LF. Morneau is on the books for this year and next and Morneau definitely falls into the category of a player to resign based upon his popularity and production. If he clears his ailments off the dockett, to me this is a given and Parmelee will not play 1B, unless Morneau becomes a David Ortiz type. Parmelee is a very good ballplayer and can make the OF adjustment as he has played as much OF in the minor as he has played 1B.

The moral of this post is to let Twins Fans and analyst know that:

A. Parm is Ready for the Big Time, does not need anymore seasoning in the minors
B. Parm is a good defensive player and will execute where he is dictated to play
C. He adds a fearful bat to a line-up that has looked pretty good but would welcome it because of our horribly atrocious pitching staff - horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

Parm is MLB ready. Jump on board or be left behind.
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  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    or D: Cuddaver was over-rated
  2. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'd like to see Parmelee in RF over Thomas, that's for sure. Maybe they're trying to "protect" him so he isn't worried about his defense?
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