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Who would be a better ownership group

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When a team loses the blame game starts up. Bill Smith, Terry Ryan, Gardy, the Minor League managers, Vavra, Anderson, Big Fella, Sid, or whoever. In the end the buck does stop with the owner, they have the ultimate power to make changes to the direction and the culture. So I do expect a more focused discussion on the Pohlad family and their stewardship of the Twins to come up.

So instead of just throwing cr#p on the wall and seeing what gets a reaction my challenge to people is who would be better? I remember at one time people thought Glen Taylor could save the Twins. Would you prefer a Zygi type of out of state owner, how about a gang of of six or seven, a corporation, or is there some person that you think would make all the right moves as a owner to set a culture of winning in place.

My take on it is I have no issues with the Pohlads beyond the drop in payroll this year. But considering that I think the biggest need this team has is quality starting pitching and seeing what was out there for FA's that would probably come to Minnesota in the last 7 months or so I am not foaming at the mouth. Now if in the next year this is not addressed through trades in the minors for a top side Arm or plucking a prime Starter from the FA market, then I will wondering WTF are they thinking.

So what ideas are there for regime change? (Realizing of course this will not happen, but part of the joy of this site is it's venting.)
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  1. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Love em or hate em, the Pohlads aren't going anywhere. The issue that people forget is that the Pohlads have always looked at the Twins as a business, not a hobby. I am sure every fan base would love to have a Mark Cuban or George Steinbrenner owning their team. Where they prefer to be known not for how they acquired their fortune, but rather as the owner of a prosperus franchise.

    The Twins have always worked under a budget. Everybody knows that. The budget has fluctuated up and down as the Twins attendance and other revenue streams have changed. Terry Ryan is in his job because his teams have historically outporformed the budget. Terry has also said publicly (many times) that the Pohlads have always been willing to go over budget if the right situation comes up. I believe you have to accept these parameters if you want to be a long-haul Twins fan.

    Be careful what you wish for; a change in regime could be worse...
  2. mike wants wins's Avatar
    The Wilf family would have bought Yu's services, and maybe Reyes also. There is no doubt in my mind that the Wilf family would spend $20-40MM more per year than the Pohlad's are, maybe even more. On the bad side of the coin, they'd be hiring and firing GMs and coaches too fast....so that's a tough call.

    The budget hasn't fluctated up and down based on attendance and tv revenue, it is down significantly this year from last. I'd bet anyone that wants that they don't outperform the budget this year.
  3. peterb18's Avatar
    "Be careful what you wish for; a change in regime could be worse... " I would love a change in ownership--the last two years we've had the worst team in baseball. And the worst pitching staff! The Pohlads decimated the team the last two years. Usually, when a team is close to a champioship--like they were two years ago--most ownership would try to go the next level by adding some talent--a few pieces to the puzzle. The Pohlads decided to go the other way and gut the team. The Resources are there for a good team. If they wanted a good team there would be one!
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