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El Guapo

Time to address the coaching staff

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I like Gardy so it's hard for me to point the finger at him completely, and, as good of a Manager as Gardy may be, he can only do so much with the lack of talent dealt to him by GM genius Terry Ryan. With that being said, I was not at all happy with the way the team pretty much mailed it in the last month and a half of the season of last year and 23 games into this season, I'm already disgusted with this organization from top to bottom. If Gardy is going to remain the manager, he must starting holding himself, his staff, and his players accountable for what's happening. Once proclaimed the greatest pitching coach of all time, Rick Anderson has shown he has no idea how to deal with Liriano and the rest of the headcases or talent lackers on this pitching staff. Joe Vavra simply doesn't derserve to be a major league hitting coach and has done nothing since he's been here to prove me wrong. I realize the players have to perform no matter who the pitching and hitting coaches are but, you can't fire the entire team and making a couple coaching changes may spark something in a few guys on this team that are in desparate need of having a fire lit under their asses. As long as Gardy is here, he'll never get rid of his coaching staff of buddies because he'd rather ride this sinking ship to the ocean floor than get some guts and make a change to help save this team, and probably his own job. Time to clean house, from top (Terry Ryan) to bottom (Scott Ulger).
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