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This is all just a bad dream...right?

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"Wake me up when it is over." I have heard this in reference to bad movies, horrible television shows, lectures in college auditoriums--the list goes on. Add now to the list "wake me up when the Twins game is over."

After being shutout for two straight games and being no-hit on Wednesday by Jared Weaver, the Minnesota Twins are beginning to give the term "the Bad News Bears" a whole new meaning. From their pitching to their hitting, the Twins are an all-around disaster.

I know that every game I watch, I always hope that today will be the day. Today the Twins will turn it around and start down the right path. This is just a bad dream, isn't it? The Twins are going to start winning, aren't they? I am coming to realize that this isn't going to happen. They are on the road to 100 losses with the pedal to the metal. No cruise control here, just gunning it and speeding towards that dubious distinction as quickly as they can.

Perhaps the team isn't aware of how dire the situation is--it is possible as manager Ron Gardenhire doesn't seem to grasp the situation. Maybe the team just doesn't have the talent to compete at the major league level--unlikely as the team has multiple veteran and proven players on the roster. Another possibility is that the Twins can't stand the pressure of having the 100 loss mark looming and just want to get it over as quickly as possible. Now I know, that was awfully cynical but the idea is substantiated by the fact that they can't seem to handle the pressure of leading during a game. They have to give the runs back as quickly as they can, that way the expectation of their play isn't so high.

Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that the Twins are flying towards another stupifyingly bad season. 2012 was supposed to be full of promise. Where is Terry Ryan now? We haven't heard much from him lately. What about the Pohlads? Have they had enough of Gardenhire, Joe Vavra and Rick Anderson yet? I know I have. I know many Twins fans have as well.

I have been a die hard Twins fan since the moment I was born and that hasn't changed but something has to give. How can the Front Office expect fans to sit back and accept this atrocious example of a MLB team? At least when you have a nightmare, you can wake up from it. This is a disaster we have to wake up to each morning and see in our Pioneer Press or the Star Tribune and, Heaven forbid, on SportsCenter for everyone in the country to see.

A shake up needs to happen and fast. The Front Office needs to clean house and cut loose Gardenhire, Vavra and Anderson and start fresh. Gardenhire and Vavra have destroyed the hitting approach of this team. Playing "the Twins way" or playing "small ball" is a load of hoey. These two coaches in particular have ruined the offensive talent of this team. What happened to going out and just giving the ball a ride? Here is a novel idea--pitches thrown in the strike zone aren't the only hit-able pitches. The Twins need to get aggressive instead of just letting the bat rest on their shoulder every time they are in the batter's box. Maybe their bats are too heavy if they can't get them off their shoulders...that was a joke!

The Twins are on their way to losing 120+ games if they continue at the clip they are at. If they have a hope or prayer of salvaging even just a little respect this season, some MAJOR changes need to happen ASAP.

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  1. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I definitely understand the way you feel. As much as I don't like to think this way, I don't see any other way than to get some fresh blood in here. There are just too many people who have worked together for too long in this organization for them to admit mistakes and adapt philosophies that aren't working. There is no doubt that more talent on the field will go a long way but there is also no denying that to truly contend down the road there is going to have to be some fresh ideas and leadership. Even when fielding a talented team, Gardenhire's teams have done progressively worse in the playoffs and whenever they play good teams in the regular season. Whether they admit it or not, you can see that his teams expect to lose when playing the best competition. It's sad because I think he is a good manager but throughout history good managers/coaches get let go all the time because their message is no longer getting through to the players and everyone is just too comfortable.
  2. SpinnesotaGirl's Avatar
    I think you hit the nail right on the head. Things seem to be too comfortable in this organization. As you said, Gardenhire's message isn't being heard anymore and complacency has set in. Fresh blood could go a long way. Of course, it may not improve it on day one but in the long run it would turn things around.

    Will be interested to see if Gardenhire's absence from the Seattle series changes anything.
  3. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    Hopefully he comes back rejuvenated and ready to lay down the law and think outside the box. I know sometimes a little break can do this. It may also give him some time to reevaluate whether he thinks he is the right man for the job long term.
  4. SpinnesotaGirl's Avatar
    Agreed. I know that he has fire in him, we see it when he goes out to argue with the umpires. I'd like to see him use it inside the clubhouse and put some guys on notice.
  5. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I know in the past he has had confrontations with players, probably many we haven't heard about. I remember one year when Kyle Lohse was "scuffling" Gardy had a sit down with him that resulted in Lohse punching a whole in something. Whatever heart to heart he had with Morneau part through the 2006 season sure did wonders as well. The guy clearly can get mad and hold people accountable. I think he needs to get back to doing with it with whoever needs it and not just guys that aren't in his club (i.e. Valencia).
  6. SpinnesotaGirl's Avatar
    Yeah his little contingent of favorite players is a whole other story but yes, I'd like to see him get in some faces and make the changes the needs to.
    Updated 05-04-2012 at 03:59 PM by SpinnesotaGirl
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